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Syria anniversary in pictures: Aleppo's descent into anarchy and rubble  ar  da  de  es  fa  fr  it  nl  pt  sv  tr

More than 140,000 people are thought to have died in Syria's three-year-old conflict, which began as peaceful protests against four decades of Assad family rule but turned into an armed insurgency after a crackdown by security forces. Much of Aleppo, Syria's largest city, now lies in ruins.

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Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 days before.

Kidnappings in Beqaa Lebanon are on the rise Similarity: 0.52

6 days before.

US: Syria at Risk of Missing June Chemical Weapons Deadline Similarity: 0.80

5 days before.

Al-Zoubi: Syria's victory over terrorism marks a triumph for all free world powers Similarity: 0.83

4 days before.

Nuns freed after being held by Al Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels for months Similarity: 0.74

3 days before.

Syrian children hardest hit by war Similarity: 0.81

2 days before.

Syria's Assad makes rare public appearance on civil war frontlines Similarity: 0.92

1 day before.

UN, Arab League envoy to report on interim results of intra-Syrian talks Similarity: 0.90

1 day after.

Syrians, activists hold marches in support of Syria in Poland, France and Russia Similarity: 0.90

2 days after.

Syrian troops seize key rebel town of Yabroud Similarity: 0.78

3 days after.

Former US Ambassador to Syria: America alone cannot solve the Syrian crisis Similarity: 0.82

4 days after.

Who’s behind mass executions in Syria? Similarity: 0.88

Four Syrian Immigrants Die in Boat Sinking Off Turkey Similarity: 0.38

5 days after.

Syrian troops capture village near Lebanon border Similarity: 0.83

6 days after.

Foreign Ministry: Israeli new aggression is flagrant violation of Disengagement agreement Similarity: 0.83

Syria closes Lebanon border crossing amid heavy clashes Similarity: 0.39

7 days after.

Internet blackout hits Syria as residents are left without online access for seven hours Similarity: 0.82


دمشق: الابراهيمي تجاوز مهمته بالحديث عن الانتخابات الرئاسية Similarity: 0.35

الحرب في سوريا: أحمد الجربا رئيس الائتلاف المعارض يطالب بزيادة تسليح الجيش الحر Similarity: 0.31

مرصد حقوقي: عدد قتلى الحرب في سوريا تجاوز 146 ألفا Similarity: 0.35


En usædvanlig ekstrem katastrofe går ind i sit fjerde år Similarity: 0.56

Omstridt moske genoptager samarbejdet med myndighederne Similarity: 0.39

Bortført og pisket: Så slemt har tv-vært det i dag Similarity: 0.31


Neues Wahlrecht - Parlament stellt Weichen für Assads Wiederwahl Similarity: 0.55


Desarticulada la célula más importante que enviaba yihadistas a Siria Similarity: 0.33


سوریه در کنار هر کشوری که با تروریسم مقابله کند، می ایستد Similarity: 0.43

مسی و رونالدو به کودکان سوری کمک می کنند Similarity: 0.30


Syrie : une loi votée pour permettre à Assad de se représenter à la présidentielle Similarity: 0.66


La Siria verso il quarto anno di conflitto. L'ONU mette in guardia sulle elezioni Similarity: 0.68


Drie jaar burgeroorlog in Syrië, een overzicht Similarity: 0.62


Brahimi irrita a Síria ao criticar planos para realização de eleições presidenciais Similarity: 0.61

Desmontada célula de envio de jihadistas para a Síria Similarity: 0.33


Syriska rebeller drar sig undan Similarity: 0.37


Süleyman Şah Türbesi çevresinde şiddetli çatışmalar Similarity: 0.30

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