Thursday, March 13, 2014

Iran's Rouhani extends hand to Gulf monarchies  fa  it

MUSCAT (AFP) -- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani sought Thursday to mend fences between his mainly-Shiite country and Sunni-dominated Gulf monarchies distrustful of Iran's nuclear ambitions and its support of the Syrian regime. Rouhani, winding up a two-day visit to Oman, said the Islamic republic....

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Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 days before.

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The nuclear triumph Similarity: 0.80

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Iran's electricity exports rise 5% Similarity: 0.85

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Iran Similarity: 0.84

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Israel Displays Rockets Seized in Red Sea Raid Similarity: 0.84

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David Cameron faces clash with Benjamin Netanyahu over nuclear Iran Similarity: 0.77

Russia-West confrontation over Ukraine arises Similarity: 0.70

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[Interview] Nobel winner: Iran should stop public executions if it wants better EU ties Similarity: 0.83

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Iran expects South Korea to augment Iranian exports Similarity: 0.79

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Israeli Minister: Israel Can't Rely on US on Iran Similarity: 0.82

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Deputy Foreign Minister RF meets US, Chinese, Iranian diplomats in Vienna Similarity: 0.78

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Obama to Iranians: 'We have the opportunity to start down a new path' Similarity: 0.83

U.S. reiterates commitment to preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapon Similarity: 0.31


بان کی مون صلاحیت اظهار نظر در مورد اقدامات روحانی را ندارد Similarity: 0.41

کامرون: حمایت قاطع از رژیم صهیونیستی را ادامه می‌دهیم/ نگرانی از ایران برطرف نشده است Similarity: 0.36

افخم، گزارش بان کی مون را فاقد اعتبار دانست Similarity: 0.30

فعالیت‌های زودهنگام انتخاباتی ظلمی بزرگ به مردم است/ نامشروع خواندن دولت گذشته کوبیدن به طبل فتنه‌گران است/ صفحه‌ای در فیس‌بوک ندارم/ پاسخ به سوالات نمایندگان وظیفه وزرای دولت است Similarity: 0.32


Teheran, reale apertura sul nucleare? Similarity: 0.59

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