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Kidnappings in Beqaa Lebanon are on the rise  ar  da  fa  it  pl

A Beirut-based Danish journalist was abducted in Lebanon and held hostage for almost one month, his former employer, Danish broadcaster DR, said on Friday. He was set free Today. “Jeppe Nybroe was abducted just under a month ago, while he was in the Beqaa Valley in eastern Lebanon, near the Syrian....

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Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 days before.

Al Qaeda splinter group withdraws from Syrian town near Turkey Similarity: 0.40

6 days before.

Hezbollah attacks Lebanon president Similarity: 0.58

How an ordinary street became the defining image of Syria's war Similarity: 0.37

Syrian Activists Urge Release of Delegate's Brother Similarity: 0.37

5 days before.

Syrian community in Russia reiterate commitment to national firm principles Similarity: 0.43

4 days before.

Surge in recruitment by Hezbollah to help Assad defeat rebels Similarity: 0.52

3 days before.

Syria: Army Advancing on Rebel Town Near Lebanon Similarity: 0.77

2 days before.

All sides guilty of war crimes in Syria conflict Similarity: 0.52

1 day before.

Fatal car bomb hits Homs Similarity: 0.39

1 day after.

US: Syria at Risk of Missing June Chemical Weapons Deadline Similarity: 0.70

Al Qaeda-linked militants in Lebanon apologise for civilian deaths Similarity: 0.67

2 days after.

Al-Zoubi: Syria's victory over terrorism marks a triumph for all free world powers Similarity: 0.58

3 days after.

Nuns freed after being held by Al Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels for months Similarity: 0.61

Statement: Lebanon camp general killed Similarity: 0.71

4 days after.

Syrian children hardest hit by war Similarity: 0.47

5 days after.

Syria's Assad makes rare public appearance on civil war frontlines Similarity: 0.44

6 days after.

UN, Arab League envoy to report on interim results of intra-Syrian talks Similarity: 0.46

7 days after.

Syria anniversary in pictures: Aleppo's descent into anarchy and rubble Similarity: 0.52


مقتل 17مقاتلا معارضا في معارك مع القوات النظامية في محيط يبرود Similarity: 0.31

خطف الطفل ميشـال ابراهيم الصـقر في زحلـة استنفار امني ورسمي وقطع طرق وغضب شعبي Similarity: 0.38


Jeppe Nybroe holdt som gidsel i Syrien Similarity: 0.41


سربازان ارتش سوریه به سوی القلمون در حومه دمشق پیشروی کردند Similarity: 0.31


Armi Sira, presto nuova missione Opac Similarity: 0.45


A. Saudyjska uznała Bractwo Muzułmańskie za organizację terrorystyczną Arabia Saudyjska formalnie uznała powstałe w Egipcie Bractwo Muzułmańskie, a także walczące w Syrii islamistyczne ugrupowania Front al-Nusra i Islamskie Państwo Iraku i Lewantu (ISIL) za organizacje terrorystyczne - podały państwowe media, powołując się na MSW. Similarity: 0.37

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