Monday, March 3, 2014

Surge in recruitment by Hezbollah to help Assad defeat rebels  ar  da  es  fa  fr  tr

Hezbollah, the militant Lebanese Shiite group, is experiencing a surge in recruitment as sectarian conflict spreads from the Syrian civil war, members of the group say. A spate of car bomb attacks against Shiite towns and villages in Lebanon has caused an increase in the number of young men....

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Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 days before.

Day in pictures Similarity: 0.69

6 days before.

SYRIA: Humanitarian crisis will take years to reverse Similarity: 0.54

CAGE claims Begg arrest linked to pending Syria report Similarity: 0.43

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Syrian troops reportedly kill more than 150 Al Qaeda-linked rebels Similarity: 0.80

Hezbollah confirms Israeli raids on border base Similarity: 0.38

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Assad opponents' relatives 'held' Similarity: 0.71

Cabinet searches for ways to unravel ‘resistance’ knot Similarity: 0.38

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Assad blames rebel attacks for chemical weapons delay Similarity: 0.58

Al Qaeda splinter group withdraws from Syrian town near Turkey Similarity: 0.52

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How an ordinary street became the defining image of Syria's war Similarity: 0.75

Syrian Activists Urge Release of Delegate's Brother Similarity: 0.45

Hezbollah attacks Lebanon president Similarity: 0.36

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Syrian community in Russia reiterate commitment to national firm principles Similarity: 0.77

1 day after.

Syria: Army Advancing on Rebel Town Near Lebanon Similarity: 0.39

Student in English court on Syria terror charge Similarity: 0.39

2 days after.

All sides guilty of war crimes in Syria conflict Similarity: 0.82

3 days after.

Fatal car bomb hits Homs Similarity: 0.74

4 days after.

Kidnappings in Beqaa Lebanon are on the rise Similarity: 0.52

5 days after.

US: Syria at Risk of Missing June Chemical Weapons Deadline Similarity: 0.74

6 days after.

Al-Zoubi: Syria's victory over terrorism marks a triumph for all free world powers Similarity: 0.77

7 days after.

Nuns freed after being held by Al Qaeda-linked Syrian rebels for months Similarity: 0.69


قوات النظام السوري تسيطر على منطقتين قرب يبرود شمال دمشق Similarity: 0.35

مدير مكتب الابراهيمي في سوريا يطلب اعفاءه من مهامه - أ. ف. ب. Similarity: 0.31


Syrien-krigere ikke kun hos os Similarity: 0.36


Marc ya está en casa Similarity: 0.31


جنگ سوریه مبارزه با ایران، روسیه و چین است Similarity: 0.41


Syrie : Le représentant du médiateur de l’Onu veut quitter son poste Similarity: 0.46


IŞİD çekildi hayat normale döndü Similarity: 0.31

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