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Syrian troops reportedly kill more than 150 Al Qaeda-linked rebels  ar  da  de  fa  fr  nl  pt  sv  tr  hu

BEIRUT More than 150 Syrian rebel fighters were killed Wednesday in an ambush by pro-government forces outside Damascus, according to official and opposition accounts. The casualty toll appeared to be one of the largest in a single operation reported during much of the almost 3-year-old war.

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Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

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Syriens hær dræber 175 i baghold ved Damaskus Similarity: 0.50


175 Rebellen bei Gefecht in Syrien getötet Similarity: 0.43


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Exército sírio mata 175 rebeldes perto de Damasco Similarity: 0.64

Confrontos já fizeram 3300 mortos desde 3 de janeiro Similarity: 0.46


Dödlig attack i Syrien Similarity: 0.39


BM'den Suriye'de savaşan taraflara çağrı Similarity: 0.36

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