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Placebo masks are deemed useless in China’s airpocalypse  de  fr  nl  sl

Air pollution, according to a recent report by state-backed scientists, has rendered Beijing “nearly uninhabitable”, with a former health minister...

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This cluster belong to the following story: At least 70 dead after 6.6-magnitude earthquake rocks China's southwestern province of Sichuan

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Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 days before.

Why Did the US 'Lower Its Standards' in Congratulating China on the Year of the Horse? Similarity: 0.81

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Hong Kong police on high alert after China sex industry crackdown Similarity: 0.84

Asia stocks rise as China credit growth rebounds Similarity: 0.34

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Beijing blasts UN report on North Korea Similarity: 0.87

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'House of Cards' surprise hit Similarity: 0.83

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Manufacturing hits seven-month low in China Similarity: 0.76

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Obama meets with Dalai Lama in White House Similarity: 0.77

More than 7 bln USD back to educational expenditure Similarity: 0.31

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President back after his China visit Similarity: 0.73

China's panda pair leave for Belgium Similarity: 0.39

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Chinese market offers better times Similarity: 0.87

16 pct of cultural relics seriously damaged Similarity: 0.39

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China sounds alarm on smog Similarity: 0.86

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Inside China's pollution problems Similarity: 0.89

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China’s currency: One way no more Similarity: 0.84

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A nation suffocating in a toxic fog: China is again engulfed by smog with millions forced to wear face masks to protect themselves Similarity: 0.87

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At least 27 dead and 109 injured after gang of knife-wielding men attack a train station in China Similarity: 0.76

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China separatists blamed for attack Similarity: 0.72


Weltwirtschaft: China meldet sich als Wachstumslokomotive ab Similarity: 0.42

Erneutes Bangen - Kritisch: Chinas Mondrover "Yutu" in dritte Schlafphase versetzt Similarity: 0.42

US-Großinvestor Soros will Europas Banken helfen Similarity: 0.37

Fahrverbot in Nordchina wegen Smog-Alarms Similarity: 0.36


Pollution atmosphérique persistante en Chine Similarity: 0.58

Les deux pandas géants prêtés par la Chine arrivés à Bruxelles Similarity: 0.35


Pandaberen aangekomen in België Similarity: 0.31

Zes Chinese kinderen verdronken tijdens het schaatsen Similarity: 0.43


Severna Kitajska se duši v smogu Similarity: 0.32

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