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U.N. to vote on Syria aid resolution Saturday  ar  da  fa  fr  nl  pt  sv  tr

The U.N. Security Council will vote on Saturday on a resolution to boost humanitarian aid access in Syria, where the United Nations says 9.3 million people need help, although it is unclear if Russia and China will support or veto the draft. Australian U.N.

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Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 days before.

'Surge' in Syria fighting death toll Similarity: 0.80

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Syria blamed for talks failure Similarity: 0.68

National Unity Cabinet Formed in Lebanon Similarity: 0.34

5 days before.

Brahimi apologises to Syria over lack of peace progress Similarity: 0.72

Lebanon's PM forms 'unity cabinet' Lebanon's prime minister has formed a cabinet more than 10 months after taking office, taking in a wide range of political groups after bridging serious divisions among them, mostly over Syria's civil war. Similarity: 0.34

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Kerry blasts Syria's Assad for 'terrorism' Similarity: 0.78

3 days before.

Syria rebels threaten Assad with massive spring offensive Similarity: 0.77

2 days before.

More evacuated from Homs BEIRUT — An official with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent says aid workers...... Similarity: 0.82

1 day before.

Moscow and Baghdad see eye to eye on political solution in Syria Similarity: 0.89

Lebanon: Pro-Damascus party official gunned down in Lebanon Similarity: 0.34

1 day after.

UN Demands Humanitarian Aid for All of Syria Similarity: 0.89

2 days after.

UN Security Council unanimously adopts Syria aid resolution Similarity: 0.88

Bomb hits Syria field hospital near Turkish border Similarity: 0.53

3 days after.

Day in pictures Similarity: 0.71

4 days after.

CAGE claims Begg arrest linked to pending Syria report Similarity: 0.40

SYRIA: Humanitarian crisis will take years to reverse Similarity: 0.63

5 days after.

Syrian troops reportedly kill more than 150 Al Qaeda-linked rebels Similarity: 0.81

6 days after.

Assad opponents' relatives 'held' Similarity: 0.77

7 days after.

Assad blames rebel attacks for chemical weapons delay Similarity: 0.64

Al Qaeda splinter group withdraws from Syrian town near Turkey Similarity: 0.58


سورية.. تصويت منتظر السبت لمجلس الأمن حول الوضع الإنساني Similarity: 0.35

تسوية اوضاع 38 مدنيا خرجوا من حمص القديمة Similarity: 0.32


FN beder om tag over hovedet til 100.000 syrere Similarity: 0.48

FN beder om tag over hovedet til 100.000 personer Similarity: 0.38


«گردان‌هاي انصار ارتش سوريه» پرچم‌ سوريه را در رقه برافراشتند Similarity: 0.45


Centrafrique: la présidente appelle la France à ne pas "abandonner" Similarity: 0.30


Geen paspoort voor jihadgangers Similarity: 0.46


Unicef pede ajuda de mais de 1,5 mil milhões de euros, a maior de sempre Similarity: 0.32


Nytt försök få fart på Syrienhjälpen Similarity: 0.36


(Görüntülü Haber) Kiliste Önlemler Artirildi Similarity: 0.30

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