Monday, January 20, 2014

Israel returns bodies of Palestinian ‘terrorists’  ar  tr

Israel is transferring the bodies of some Palestinians killed in fighting to their families, the military said Sunday, hours after it carried out an airstrike targeting a Palestinian militant who it says fired rockets at Israel last week. The Israeli military said it had started the ȁ#x201c;return....

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Start date: Thursday, July 26, 2012

7 days before.

The world says its last goodbyes to Ariel Sharon Similarity: 0.78

6 days before.

Israel defense minister apologizes Similarity: 0.86

5 days before.

ME Peace: Kerry's Mission Impossible Similarity: 0.87

4 days before.

Netanyahu, Jordan's king meet Similarity: 0.90

3 days before.

Israeli settlement expansion plans set off diplomatic row Similarity: 0.91

2 days before.

Stephen Harper leaves today for trip to Middle East Similarity: 0.89

Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in Syria gets aid for first time in months Similarity: 0.30

1 day before.

Filipina triumphs in Israel's 'X Factor' Similarity: 0.90

1 day after.

Hamas denies deploying additional troops at border Similarity: 0.92

2 days after.

EU warns Israel, Palestinians of 'price to pay' if talks fail Similarity: 0.93

3 days after.

Live: Davos Day 2 — Netanyahu warns of ‘chaos’ over cyber security Similarity: 0.87

4 days after.

Palestinian gov't hails Germany's anti-settlement position Similarity: 0.86

6 days after.

FPJ: Israel fabricates claims about Gaza to justify the targeting of civilians Similarity: 0.90

7 days after.

Israeli lawmakers tour Auschwitz on Holocaust anniversary Similarity: 0.39


المغرب في قلب الدفاع عن القدس الشريف: عندما يعلو صوت الحكمة والعقل على العنف والتطرف ـ Similarity: 0.31


Israil Savaş Uçağindan Atilan Füze Motosikletli Militani Vurdu Similarity: 0.36

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