Sunday, January 12, 2014

Palestinian police clash with backers of striking U.N. agency workers  bg  fr  ru  ar  ro

RAMALLAH, West Bank Palestinian police used tear gas and stun grenades Sunday to disperse dozens of protesters at a refugee camp north of Ramallah who had blocked main roads leading to the de facto capital of the Palestinian Authority.

latimes 7:56:00 PM CET

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Start date: Thursday, July 26, 2012

7 days before.

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Hamas reaches out to rival Fatah with goodwill gestures Similarity: 0.45

Kerry’s 10th Mideast trip ends with no framework deal Similarity: 0.39

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Presidency condemns new Israeli settlement plans Similarity: 0.72

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Gaza militant killed 'by Israel drone': medics Similarity: 0.70

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U.S. Gives Peace a Boost Similarity: 0.58

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Population swap idea angers Israel's Arab minority Similarity: 0.60

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Interior Minister, PLO delegation discuss situation of Palestinians in camps Similarity: 0.68

Former Israeli Prime Minister Sharon dies Similarity: 0.40

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Israeli settlement expansion plans set off diplomatic row Similarity: 0.51

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Stephen Harper leaves today for trip to Middle East Similarity: 0.48

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Filipina triumphs in Israel's 'X Factor' Similarity: 0.41


الاحتلال يعتقل شاباً شرق غزة Similarity: 0.38


Израелците се прощават с Ариел Шарон Similarity: 0.43


Mort de Sharon: Israël rend hommage à son héros "Arik" Similarity: 0.41


Dragnea va reprezenta Guvernul României la funeraliile lui Ariel Sharon Similarity: 0.35


Ариэль Шарон: 85 лет яркой жизни в фотографиях, отражающих целую эпоху Similarity: 0.33

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