Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Kerry tells Congress to hold off on new Iran sanctions for now  de  es  fr  ru  tr  fa

hearing on Tuesday defending the international negotiations last month that brought an interim deal with Iran intended to lead to a comprehensive agreement after six months. Facing skeptical legislators from both parties, Kerry tried to assure them that he shares their mistrust of Iran while asking....

cnn 12:18:00 AM CET

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Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 days before.

Iran threatens to trigger oil price war Similarity: 0.93

6 days before.

Iran Arrests Over Antigovernment Activity Similarity: 0.87

5 days before.

Hagel In Bahrain To Address Concerns On Iran Deal Similarity: 0.86

4 days before.

Obama: Diplomacy Best Approach to Iran Nuke Crisis Similarity: 0.91

3 days before.

Obama dampens hopes of Iran nuclear deal Similarity: 0.90

2 days before.

UN experts inspect Iranian ‘nuclear’ site Similarity: 0.95

1 day before.

Iran foreign minister defends himself against hardline 'slander' Similarity: 0.95

Gulf Security: A Risky New US-Saudi Blueprint ـ Similarity: 0.37

1 day after.

Kerry raises doubts over Iran nuclear deal Similarity: 0.92

2 days after.

If you like your sanctions, you can keep your sanctions? Iran storms out of talks insisting they'll all be LIFTED as nuclear deal shows signs of crumbling Similarity: 0.95

CIA analyst Anne Jablonski ousted after Levinson vanished now teaches yoga Similarity: 0.40

3 days after.

Iran hails voyage of Fargam the space monkey Similarity: 0.92

Bombings, shootings kill at least 17 people in Iraq Similarity: 0.32

Businessman or spy? Similarity: 0.42

4 days after.

Iran committed to continuing nuclear talks - foreign minister Similarity: 0.93

6 days after.

11:52 Iran in final nuclear deal hint Similarity: 0.94

7 days after.

Iran, six powers to resume nuclear talks after snag Similarity: 0.93


Russlands Außenminister zu Gesprächen im Iran Similarity: 0.55


Irán y la AIEA avanzan en su cooperación respecto a la energía nuclear Similarity: 0.55


تحلیل سیمای کار آذربایجان غربی/ تسهیل فضای کسب و کار Similarity: 0.30

نقشه پهنه بندي مناطق حادثه خيز فارس تهيه شود Similarity: 0.30

در جلسه عصر دادگاه بیمه ایران چه گذشت؟ Similarity: 0.30

ابلاغ پیام وزیر دفاع ایران به وزیر دفاع آذربایجان Similarity: 0.30

دور بعدی مذاکرات ایران و آژانس اول بهمن برگزار می شود Similarity: 0.30


Syrie: Washington et Londres suspendent l'aide non létale aux rebelles Similarity: 0.34


В Вене стартовал новый раунд переговоров представителей Ирана и МАГАТЭ Similarity: 0.33


İran Messi'den özür diledi Similarity: 0.35

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