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OPCW Chief: Syrian Chemicals Weapons Removal May Be Delayed  ar  de  es  pt  tr  hu  nl  sv

The removal of chemical weapons from Syria may be delayed slightly due to the difficulties of operating during a civil war, the head of the global chemicals weapon watchdog OPCW said on Monday. Any hold-up should be small, though, and the mid-2014 deadline to destroy these weapons remains realistic,....

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Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 days before.

UN: Evidence links Assad to Syria war crimes Similarity: 0.74

Army handed control of Tripoli new The Lebanese government has authorised the army to take control of the northern city of Tripoli for six months following three days of sectarian clashes. Similarity: 0.35

6 days before.

Russia: Attacks on places of worship and religious figures in Syria must stop Similarity: 0.80

5 days before.

Pope: Pray for abducted nuns in Syria Similarity: 0.76

3 days before.

Air strikes wound civilians in Syria's Deraa Similarity: 0.74

US Prepares to Destroy Syrian Chemical Weapons Similarity: 0.69

2 days before.

12 die in attack on rebel-held city Similarity: 0.73

Militants behind attack on Israeli army vehicle in Golan: IDF Similarity: 0.35

Passenger train derails in southern Norway, causing no injuries Similarity: 0.34

1 day before.

Hezbollah fighters in Syria Qalamoun battles Similarity: 0.74

1 day after.

UN refugee agency brings relief supplies to over 3 mln Syrian people Similarity: 0.81

Weapons Watchdog Receives Nobel Peace Prize Similarity: 0.57

Most Syrian and Palestinian refugees held in Egypt released Similarity: 0.36

2 days after.

UK, U.S. halts aid to Syrian rebels Similarity: 0.65

3 days after.

Do Syrian rebels have sarin gas? Similarity: 0.86

4 days after.

UN report: chemical weapons 'likely' to have been used in Syria attacks Similarity: 0.84

5 days after.

Warning over archaeological plunder in Syria war Similarity: 0.75

6 days after.

Saudi Arabia and Iran must end their proxy war in Syria | Fawaz Gerges Similarity: 0.74


القوات النظامية تتقدم شمال دمشق وتفرض سيطرتها على طريق دولي Similarity: 0.39

دمشق تطالب مجلس الامن بإجراءات "فورية" ضد السعودية لدعمها "الفكر التكفيري" Similarity: 0.34

فابيوس يستبعد نتائج سريعة لـ "جنيف-2" Similarity: 0.31

أفضل طريقة لإقناع الاوروبيين بالقتال في سوريا: افتتاح مطعم للجهاد! Similarity: 0.42

عطل في الكابل الضوئي يقطع الانترنت والاتصالات عن سوريا Similarity: 0.35

إحباط هجوم إرهابي من سوريا على العراق Similarity: 0.31


Hat Barack Obama die Welt belogen? Similarity: 0.35


Facciones armadas sirias anuncian un nuevo frente Similarity: 0.48


Obama manipulálhatta a vegyi fegyverekről szóló értesüléseket Similarity: 0.34


Belgische strijder (19) omgekomen in Syrië Similarity: 0.34


Saída de armas químicas pode atrasar-se uns dias Similarity: 0.72


Fängelse för människosmuggling Similarity: 0.32


Suriyelilerin ekmekleri Türkiye'den Similarity: 0.40

Sınırda 5 asker yaralı!! Similarity: 0.31

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