Monday, December 9, 2013

UN experts inspect Iranian ‘nuclear’ site  da  de  fr  pt  sv  tr  fa

UN inspectors visited an Iranian plant yesterday linked to a planned heavy-water reactor that could yield nuclear bomb fuel, taking up an initial offer by Tehran to open its disputed nuclear programme to greater scrutiny. The increased transparency is the result of a thaw in relations between Iran....

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Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 days before.

State mulling whether to invite Iran to upcoming Syria talks Similarity: 0.91

6 days before.

Sauce for the goose, but not the gander Similarity: 0.93

5 days before.

Iran threatens to trigger oil price war Similarity: 0.94

4 days before.

Iran Arrests Over Antigovernment Activity Similarity: 0.87

3 days before.

Hagel In Bahrain To Address Concerns On Iran Deal Similarity: 0.85

2 days before.

Obama: Diplomacy Best Approach to Iran Nuke Crisis Similarity: 0.91

1 day before.

Obama dampens hopes of Iran nuclear deal Similarity: 0.92

1 day after.

Iran foreign minister defends himself against hardline 'slander' Similarity: 0.94

2 days after.

Kerry tells Congress to hold off on new Iran sanctions for now Similarity: 0.95

3 days after.

Kerry raises doubts over Iran nuclear deal Similarity: 0.92

4 days after.

If you like your sanctions, you can keep your sanctions? Iran storms out of talks insisting they'll all be LIFTED as nuclear deal shows signs of crumbling Similarity: 0.94

CIA analyst Anne Jablonski ousted after Levinson vanished now teaches yoga Similarity: 0.38

5 days after.

Iran hails voyage of Fargam the space monkey Similarity: 0.92

Bombings, shootings kill at least 17 people in Iraq Similarity: 0.33

Businessman or spy? Similarity: 0.41

6 days after.

Iran committed to continuing nuclear talks - foreign minister Similarity: 0.92


Diktators onkel fjernet fra video Similarity: 0.30


Iran und Afghanistan vereinbaren Pakt Similarity: 0.52


پیام تسلیت رئیس مجلس درپی درگذشت والده شهید بروجردی Similarity: 0.35

دادگاه متهمان پرونده اختلاس از بیمه Similarity: 0.30

تولید برخی خودروهای داخلی افزایش یافت Similarity: 0.30


Iran. Le tirage au sort de la coupe du monde censuré Similarity: 0.67


Chanceler iraniano diz que acordo estaria suspenso se houvesse novas sanções Similarity: 0.45


Länderna som vill till rymden Similarity: 0.34


İsrail'den büyük sürpriz, İran düşman değil Similarity: 0.38

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