Monday, December 2, 2013

State mulling whether to invite Iran to upcoming Syria talks  ar  fa  fr  it  tr

Following this month's breakthrough in talks over Iran's disputed nuclear program, the U.S., Russia and other world powers are now deciding whether to invite representatives from the Islamic Republic to an upcoming peace conference aimed at ending Syria's civil war. State Department spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki said Monday that U.

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Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 days before.

Israeli PM Netanyahu condemns Iran nuclear deal as a 'HISTORIC MISTAKE,' says Israel will use military action if needed Similarity: 0.92

6 days before.

'Germany of Mideast?' Similarity: 0.93

5 days before.

Obama seeks to delay new sanctions against Iran Similarity: 0.93

[Ticker] EU and Israel clinch science funding deal Similarity: 0.32

4 days before.

Iran to continue building at Arak nuclear site despite deal Similarity: 0.91

3 days before.

5.6 magnitude earthquake shakes Iran Similarity: 0.93

2 days before.

Iran President Hassan Rouhani insists there will be no dismantling of nuclear facilities Similarity: 0.88

1 day before.

Iran to build 2nd nuclear power plant Similarity: 0.92

Zarif in Kuwait to attend joint economic commission Similarity: 0.37

1 day after.

Sauce for the goose, but not the gander Similarity: 0.92

2 days after.

Iran threatens to trigger oil price war Similarity: 0.88

3 days after.

Iran Arrests Over Antigovernment Activity Similarity: 0.86

4 days after.

Hagel In Bahrain To Address Concerns On Iran Deal Similarity: 0.84

5 days after.

Obama: Diplomacy Best Approach to Iran Nuke Crisis Similarity: 0.92

6 days after.

Obama dampens hopes of Iran nuclear deal Similarity: 0.91

7 days after.

UN experts inspect Iranian ‘nuclear’ site Similarity: 0.91


لقاء لتنفيذ الاتفاق النووي وإيران تطمئن دول الخليج Similarity: 0.35


مقاله جدید موسویان: حق ایران برای غنی سازی و آغاز عصری جدید در خلیج فارس Similarity: 0.33


L'Iran tend la main à l'Arabie saoudite Similarity: 0.59

Bombardement de barils d'explosifs sur la province d'Alep Similarity: 0.48

Netanyahu au Vatican et en Italie: voyage papal et dossier iranien Similarity: 0.38


Letta: "La ripresa è a portata di mano. Ora diamo risposte concrete ai cittadini" Similarity: 0.40


İran’dan iki güzel haber Similarity: 0.35

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