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Iran to build 2nd nuclear power plant  de  es  it  ru  tr

Iran plans to produce more electricity by building a second nuclear energy plant in the southern province of Bushehr, home for the country's first plant, said Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday.

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Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 days before.

Iran's ability to build weapon slowed Similarity: 0.96

6 days before.

Israeli PM Netanyahu condemns Iran nuclear deal as a 'HISTORIC MISTAKE,' says Israel will use military action if needed Similarity: 0.96

5 days before.

'Germany of Mideast?' Similarity: 0.96

4 days before.

Obama seeks to delay new sanctions against Iran Similarity: 0.95

3 days before.

Iran to continue building at Arak nuclear site despite deal Similarity: 0.96

2 days before.

5.6 magnitude earthquake shakes Iran Similarity: 0.96

1 day before.

Iran President Hassan Rouhani insists there will be no dismantling of nuclear facilities Similarity: 0.94

1 day after.

State mulling whether to invite Iran to upcoming Syria talks Similarity: 0.92

2 days after.

Sauce for the goose, but not the gander Similarity: 0.94

3 days after.

Iran threatens to trigger oil price war Similarity: 0.94

4 days after.

Iran Arrests Over Antigovernment Activity Similarity: 0.89

5 days after.

Hagel In Bahrain To Address Concerns On Iran Deal Similarity: 0.87

6 days after.

Obama: Diplomacy Best Approach to Iran Nuke Crisis Similarity: 0.93

7 days after.

Obama dampens hopes of Iran nuclear deal Similarity: 0.93


Saudischer Ex-Geheimdienstchef: "Wir müssen uns überlegen, ob wir uns Atomwaffen zulegen" Similarity: 0.50


Teherán y el mundo tienen 6 meses de retos para finiquitar la crisis nuclear Similarity: 0.53


Netanyahu: l'Iran vuole la bomba atomica, non lo permetteremo. Letta: resisteremo alle spinte della violenza verbale e fisica Similarity: 0.59


Иран построит второй энергоблок АЭС в Бушере Similarity: 0.39


Herkesle görüşürüz! Similarity: 0.43

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