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A CRISIS is brewing in America’s relations with Israel. The American public—though strongly pro-Israel—seems either not to have noticed or not to care much.In the coming days and months America and other world powers must decide whether a credible agreement can be reached to slow or halt Iran’s....

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Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 days before.

Iran nuclear talks continue for third day Similarity: 0.92

Netanyahu: 'This is a very bad deal' Similarity: 0.63

6 days before.

Kerry says of Iran nuclear talks: 'We are not blind' Similarity: 0.95

5 days before.

Hague: Iran nuclear deal can be done Similarity: 0.93

Interview with filmmaker Ken Loach: 'There is no home but politics' Similarity: 0.32

4 days before.

Deal with Iran was 'extremely close' Similarity: 0.94

Police: NYC Shooter Was Dumped From Band Similarity: 0.39

Israeli forces detain 10 in West Bank arrest raids Similarity: 0.36

3 days before.

Israel’s Nuclear Ambiguity, Arms Control Policy, and Iran Similarity: 0.93

Palestinian negotiating team resigns Similarity: 0.38

2 days before.

Obama willing to work with Iran, but Congress is not: expert Similarity: 0.95

1 day before.

Video: Ambassador Samantha Power on Iran, sanctions: "We have to test this regime" Similarity: 0.92

Occupation puts Bethlehem on its tourist cities guide Similarity: 0.34

1 day after.

Israel ups rhetoric ahead of Iran talks Similarity: 0.96

2 days after.

Saudi denies contact with Israel on Iran Similarity: 0.94

Hollande: We won't allow a nuclear-armed Iran Similarity: 0.40

3 days after.

Deadly explosions rock Iranian embassy in Beirut Similarity: 0.36

U.S.-Israeli rift over Iran out in the open Similarity: 0.94

4 days after.

Iran talks Similarity: 0.94

In Lebanon, Iran Embassy bombings kill 25 Similarity: 0.33

Sectarianism Brings Turkey and Iran Closer Similarity: 0.31

UN committee slaps Syria, Iran, N.Korea, Myanmar for rights abuses Similarity: 0.43

5 days after.

US says ‘very hard’ to clinch deal with Iran as nuclear talks resume Similarity: 0.94

6 days after.

Iran nuclear talks may continue past announced final day Similarity: 0.89

Israeli forces raid home of recently released Palestinian prisoner Similarity: 0.39

7 days after.

Hopes high as Iran and world powers meet in Geneva with nuclear deal on horizon Similarity: 0.87

Clash of the Titans Similarity: 0.40


USA vor weiteren Iran-Gesprächen zuversichtlich Similarity: 0.54


Una firma legal española saca a empresas iraníes de la lista de sanciones de la UE Similarity: 0.52


Netanyahou : "Nous espérons que la France ne fléchira pas" Similarity: 0.40


Lavrov vê oportunidade para acordo sobre programa nuclear do Irã Similarity: 0.54


Ljusparad på Kvarnholmen Similarity: 0.32


Yerleşimleri meşru bulmuyoruz Similarity: 0.31

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