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Syria Rebel Beheaded In Error By Jihadists  ar  da  de  es  fr  nl  pt  tr

Al Qaeda-linked jihadists in Syria have reportedly admitted beheading a rebel fighter by mistake. They apparently believed he was an Iraqi Shiite fighting alongside President Bashar al Assad's forces. A video posted on the internet on Wednesday allegedly showed two members of the Islamic State of....

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Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 days before.

Experts fear that refugees from Syria's civil war could bring POLIO back to Europe Similarity: 0.67

Saudi Arabia's Message to Obama Similarity: 0.31

6 days before.

Syrian community in Cuba condemns terrorist recent explosions in Damascus, Sweida Similarity: 0.78

5 days before.

Scores dead in Syrian rebels army base recoup Similarity: 0.76

4 days before.

Syrian opposition agrees to Geneva peace talks Similarity: 0.79

3 days before.

Syrian Troops, Rebels Clash South of Damascus Similarity: 0.78

Sunni cleric shot dead in Lebanon Similarity: 0.50

NC Man Faces Charge of Attempting to Join al Qaeda Similarity: 0.36

2 days before.

Syrian Kurds declare formation of transitional autonomous administration: statement Similarity: 0.72

1 day before.

Hezbollah: The axis of resistance and its presence in Syria cannot be bargained with Similarity: 0.64

Faced with protests, Albania seeks rewards for destroying Syrian weapons Similarity: 0.57

Greenpeace Arctic 30: Sir Paul McCartney writes emotional plea to Vladimir Putin to free protesters Similarity: 0.38

1 day after.

10,000 Syrian refugees fled to Lebanon in 2 days Similarity: 0.71

OPCW approves road map for Syria chemical weapons destruction Similarity: 0.81

2 days after.

Syrian soldiers killed in bomb attack Similarity: 0.69

3 days after.

Bomb kills '31 Syrian troops' Similarity: 0.74

4 days after.

Syria army fully recapture strategic town in northern Damascus Similarity: 0.76

5 days after.

In Lebanon, Iran Embassy bombings kill 25 Similarity: 0.44

Tehran: Supporting Syria in counterterrorism responsibility of international community Similarity: 0.82

UN committee slaps Syria, Iran, N.Korea, Myanmar for rights abuses Similarity: 0.32

Syria chemical weapons could be destroyed at sea: watchdog Similarity: 0.58

6 days after.

US woos Russian support at Syrian talks Similarity: 0.80

7 days after.

Saudi Arabia embassy urges citizens to quit Lebanon over 'danger' Similarity: 0.37

Fight for Aleppo base kills 15 Similarity: 0.61


مقتل خمسة قياديين في الوية مقاتلة ضد النظام السوري في معارك وقصف Similarity: 0.41

دول الربيع العربي تعيش خريفها الاقتصادي أمس Similarity: 0.31


Albanien afviser at tage imod Syriens krigsgasser Similarity: 0.48

Nordkorea afviser forlydender om støtte til Assad Similarity: 0.38


Albanien will syrische C-Waffen nicht vernichten Similarity: 0.40


Noruega transportará las armas químicas fuera de Siria Similarity: 0.48


Arsenal chimique syrien : le plan de destruction adopté Similarity: 0.64

L'Albanie refuse la destruction des armes chimiques syriennes Similarity: 0.34


'Ex-militair voor jihad naar Syrië' Similarity: 0.56

Definitief plan voor vernietiging Syrisch gas - niet in Albanië Similarity: 0.36


Primeiro-ministro da Albânia rejeita destruir armas químicas sírias dentro do país Similarity: 0.41


CHP'den Suriye önergesi Similarity: 0.38

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