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This cluster belong to the following story: Iran nuclear show: Defiant country releases footage of reactor

Keywords: Iran, United states, Israel / European Union, Islamic Republic / iranian, nuclear, tehran, sanctions, program, oil

Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 days before.

Britain agrees to appoint charge d'affaires to Iran as nuclear talks progress Similarity: 0.84

6 days before.

Iranian officials optimistic after Geneva talks Similarity: 0.87

Report: Turkey Revealed Israeli Spy Ring to Iran Similarity: 0.38

5 days before.

France: Too early to cheer Iran nuclear talks Similarity: 0.88

4 days before.

Obama, Congress at odds over Iran sanctions relief Similarity: 0.84

3 days before.

Signs of Rift Between Israel and US Over Iran Similarity: 0.90

2 days before.

Sabotaging Iran Nuclear Talks ـ Similarity: 0.87

Gulf states, Egypt back Saudi rejection of UN seat Similarity: 0.37

1 day before.

Rafsanjani: War and terrorist acts are not a means to solve crisis in Syria Similarity: 0.88

Saudi royals in row over US failure to launch Syria strikes Similarity: 0.39

1 day after.

UN rights investigator: Iran sends mixed signals Similarity: 0.88

2 days after.

Iran's nuclear negotiator named new A top nuclear negotiator from Tehran will meet with the head of the UN's nuclear agency next week just hours before agency experts sit down with Iranian counterparts to renew their push for access to sites, people and documents believed linked to possible work on atomic arms, the agency said today. Similarity: 0.83

U.S. charges dual citizen with seeking to buy missiles for Iran Similarity: 0.47

3 days after.

Iran launches 'Down with America' awards offering £2,500 for the best photo, cartoon, or article which demonises the US Similarity: 0.80

4 days after.

Anti-U.S. signs taken down in Tehran Similarity: 0.88

5 days after.

Tehran removes an anti-American billboard campaign Similarity: 0.86

Saudi-US Rift Causes Severe Diplomatic Strain Similarity: 0.31

6 days after.

UN Nuclear Negotiators Plan New Talks in Tehran Similarity: 0.89

7 days after.

The Rouhani Presidency: A Kinder, Gentler Islamic Republic? Similarity: 0.87


Dødsdømt, hængt og erklæret død: Nu får han lov at leve Similarity: 0.34


Dal Mondo 10:05 Similarity: 0.43


Minister Iran tegen tweede executiepoging drugssmokkelaar Similarity: 0.40


Iranier slipper ny avrättning Similarity: 0.34


John Kerry ve Binyamin Netanyahu Roma'da görüştü Similarity: 0.46

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