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AP Interview: Iran speaker touts surplus uranium  ar  fr  it  fa

GENEVA (AP) — Iran has more enriched uranium than it needs for its research and would be willing to discuss the "surplus" with Western powers during nuclear talks next week, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani said Wednesday.

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Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 days before.

Despite thaw, Congress moves new Iran sanctions along Similarity: 0.90

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Iran Can Discuss Uranium Enrichment 'Details,' Rouhani Says Similarity: 0.91

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Expect a nuclear deal with Iran's Rouhani – but not normal ties with US Similarity: 0.89

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Israel PM to Iran: End nuclear work Similarity: 0.91

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Iran FM: Outreach to US Opens Way for Nuclear Deal Similarity: 0.94

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France urges Iran to act quickly on nuclear program Similarity: 0.94

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Britain To Appoint Iran Charge D'Affaires Similarity: 0.91

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Iran's defiant nuclear expansion raises bar for Geneva talks Similarity: 0.88

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The Treacherous Route Between Washington and Tehran Similarity: 0.91

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Iran to strike deal if West recognises uranium plan Similarity: 0.96

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Iran nuclear talks set to get under way in Geneva Similarity: 0.96

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Iran nuclear talks: How Tehran got back to the negotiating table Similarity: 0.95

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Britain agrees to appoint charge d'affaires to Iran as nuclear talks progress Similarity: 0.92


وورلد تريبيون‏:‏ نيتانياهو يتجه لإصدار أمر بشن غارات جوية علي طهران Similarity: 0.31


آغاز طرح بازسازی گیاهان اطراف دریاچه ارومیه Similarity: 0.31

آیت الله مکارم شیرازی: صهیونیسم مانع جدی مذاکره ایران و آمریکاست Similarity: 0.31


Iran: le président du parlement optimiste sur le nucléaire Similarity: 0.60


Dal Mondo 08:38 Similarity: 0.69

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