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Iran plans to produce 20,000 MW of nuclear power by 2020  ar  de  fa  pt  sv

Iran intends to produce "about 20,000 megawatts of nuclear-generated electricity" over the next few years, according to the Director of the Atomic…

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Keywords: Iran, United states, Israel / European Union, Islamic Republic / iranian, nuclear, tehran, sanctions, program, oil

Start date: Thursday, October 20, 2011

7 days before.

Iran Fast Facts Similarity: 0.86

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Iran's Currency Rises After Presidential Election Similarity: 0.83

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Question marks surround Iran's Rowhani Similarity: 0.86

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Report: Iran dismantles terrorist sabotage network Similarity: 0.88

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Can Rouhani solve 'the Iran nuclear issue'? Similarity: 0.87

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Iran Similarity: 0.90

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Issues relating to relations with Armenia discussed in Iranian Parliament Similarity: 0.87

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Iran Confirms Detention of Slovak Nationals Similarity: 0.83

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From Monday, gold sales to Iran under US sanction Similarity: 0.90

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The Meaning of Rowhani’s Electoral Victory for Iran’s Foreign Policy ـ Similarity: 0.86

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Iran hangs six drug smugglers Similarity: 0.83


روحاني: الاعتدال في السياسة الخارجية لا يعني الخضوع والتسليم Similarity: 0.37


Iran: Rohani kündigt «Mässigung» des Irans an Similarity: 0.60


روحانی: مردم عاشق کشور و اهداف ملی‌شان هستند Similarity: 0.36

رویانیان در پرسپولیس ماندنی شد Similarity: 0.30

عباسی از آغاز ساخت راکتورهای آب سنگین خبر داد Similarity: 0.32

سومین مرکز جامع ژنتیک جنوب کشور امروز در شیراز افتتاح شد Similarity: 0.30

بانک مرکزی: تورم 34 درصدی در اردیبهشت ماه Similarity: 0.31

گفت‌وگوی زنده روحانی با مردم Similarity: 0.32

جعفر پناهی عضو آکادمی اسکار شد Similarity: 0.36


Rohani quer entender-se com o mundo Similarity: 0.67


Irans president lovar kompromisser Similarity: 0.41

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