Thursday, December 8, 2011

Qatar fund targets natural resources in Indonesia (AP)  nl  fa

AP - Qatar's main government investment fund says that it is setting up a subsidiary in Indonesia targeting raw materials in the world's largest Muslim nation.

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Start date: Wednesday, November 30, 2011

6 days before.

Another moderate quake hits central Indonesia Similarity: 0.77

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Indonesia releases Australian teen convicted of drug possession Similarity: 0.77

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Police say RMI Indonesia boss suspect in chaos Similarity: 0.76

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Australia’s Labor Party calls on Indonesia to allow access to Papua. Similarity: 0.80

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Indonesia stresses corruption eradication on anti-corruption day Similarity: 0.73

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World Briefing | Asia: Indonesia: Dutch Apologize for 1947 Massacre of 430 Villagers Similarity: 0.76

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Moderate quake hits eastern Indonesia, Indonesia Similarity: 0.82

6 days after.

Freeport Indonesia workers likely to return to work Saturday. Similarity: 0.48


فرار سه ایرانی از زندان اندونزی Similarity: 0.33


Groeispurt Delhaize moet van nieuwe formules en markten komen Similarity: 0.32

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