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Some 25K Japanese troops look for quake missing  de  es  fr  it  nl  ar  pt  ru  sv

Roughly 12,000 people still unaccounted for in wake of March 11 mega-quake and tsunami

CBSnews 12:43:00 PM CEST

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Start date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7 days before.

Japan reactor shutdown to take months Similarity: 0.65

6 days before.

Death toll climbs in Japan as work goes on at nuclear power plant Similarity: 0.68

Oldest man marks 114th birthday Similarity: 0.31

5 days before.

Japan exports fall for first time in 16 months (AP) Similarity: 0.82

Japan: from desperation to joy for tsunami mother Similarity: 0.41

4 days before.

Earthquake magnitude of 6.3 jolts Japan, no tsunami warning Similarity: 0.81

Japan plans no-go zone around nuclear plant Similarity: 0.52

Gillard guest of honour at Tokyo dinner Similarity: 0.44

3 days before.

Japan earmarks first $50bln for post-quake rebuild Similarity: 0.74

Toyota says production back to normal by year-end (AFP) Similarity: 0.50

2 days before.

Japan approves $50bn for reconstruction Similarity: 0.67

Japan's tsunami means Toyota set to lose position as world's number 1 car maker to GM Similarity: 0.42

Here's looking at me: Birds snapped staring at their own reflections in garden pond Similarity: 0.35

Politics › Australian PM 1st foreign leader to visit tsunami-hit area Similarity: 0.33

1 day before.

Memorial services for Japan's tsunami victims Similarity: 0.89

First Chornobyl, Then Fukushima. Will Nuclear Energy Survive? Similarity: 0.36

1 day after.

Rebuilding Japan's disaster-hit towns may take a decade Similarity: 0.70

A look at economic developments around the globe (AP) Similarity: 0.48

2 days after.

Japan imperial couple visit tsunami zone (AFP) Similarity: 0.72

Ban calls UN nuclear meeting Similarity: 0.46

3 days after.

Japanese demand boosts Aggreko Similarity: 0.80

Panasonic to axe 40,000 jobs: source Similarity: 0.35

4 days after.

Solidarity with Japan: the assistance of the European Union followin.. Similarity: 0.83

5 days after.

Japan official: US tornadoes evoke quake damages (AP) Similarity: 0.83

Row over radiation limit at school Similarity: 0.42

6 days after.

Japan’s Prime Minister Defends Handling of Crisis Similarity: 0.41

European nuclear companies join forces with unions to improve safety standards Similarity: 0.47

S.Korea skater Kim Yu-Na donates prize to Japan: report (AFP) Similarity: 0.34

7 days after.

Japan passes quake relief budget, more spending to follow (Reuters) Similarity: 0.83

Parents fight back over raised radiation limits Similarity: 0.33


الاستحمام بالماء الساخن في الشتاء قد يصيب بالسكتة القلبية Similarity: 0.31


Japans Katastrophe nützt GM und VW Similarity: 0.39

Verhungernde Tiere in Atomsperrzone werden getötet Similarity: 0.38

US-Autozulieferer: Johnson Controls nach Japan-Beben vorsichtig Similarity: 0.33

Nach Atomunfall: Tepco kürzt Vorstandsgehälter um die Hälfte Similarity: 0.33

Warten auf Quartalszahlen: Asiens Börsen uneinheitlich Similarity: 0.31

Neue Wii kommt 2012 Similarity: 0.30

Aktien Tokio Schluss: Etwas tiefer Similarity: 0.42


El terremoto y tsunami de Japón lastra la producción de automóviles Similarity: 0.41

La consola Wii trae de cabeza a Nintendo Similarity: 0.30


La production automobile japonaise divisée par deux en mars suite au séisme Similarity: 0.52

L'ex-PDG de Sony et père du compact disc est mort Similarity: 0.37

Nintendo va lancer une "Wii 2" dès 2012 Similarity: 0.35

Fukushima: Tepco sabre les rétributions de ses dirigeants et autres salariés Similarity: 0.34

USA : Nissan rappelle 200.000 véhicules Similarity: 0.31


Record dell'oro che vola sopra 1.517 dollari. Tokyo chiude in leggero ribasso Similarity: 0.46

Toyota:giu' produzione,Gm verso sorpasso Similarity: 0.42

Nintendo presenta a giugno la nuova Wii, in vendita dal 2012. Utili in calo con il super Yen Similarity: 0.41

Nucleare: girasoli per ripulire suolo radioattivo Fukushima Similarity: 0.32


Productie Japanse auto's lager Similarity: 0.58

Japan blijft zoeken naar lichamen Similarity: 0.47

Tepco schrapt in lonen directie en ander personeel Similarity: 0.38

Japanse aandelen klimmen door zwakkere yen Similarity: 0.35


Japão: Produção da Toyota, Nissan e Honda caiu mais de metade em Março Similarity: 0.47

Bolsa de Tóquio abriu sessão de hoje em alta Similarity: 0.51

Presidente Medvedev apela a nuclear com maior segurança Similarity: 0.35


В Японии у восточного побережья о.Хонсю произошло землетрясение магнитудой 5,1. Similarity: 0.32

Котировки на фондовой бирже Токио выросли Similarity: 0.31


Stor sökinsats efter döda i Japan Similarity: 0.38

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