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Japan exports fall for first time in 16 months (AP)  de  fr  it  nl  ar  da  pl  pt  ru

AP - Japan's exports fell for the first time in 16 months in March, hit by the fallout from last month's massive earthquake and tsunami, which destroyed factories and damaged ports.

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Start date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7 days before.

TEPCO president apologizes again after nuclear crisis upgraded Similarity: 0.70

Asian markets up in face of Japan nuclear worries (AP) Similarity: 0.38

Toyota to halt production at five European plants (AFP) Similarity: 0.35

6 days before.

Japanese royals meet quake survivors Similarity: 0.72

5 days before.

Dancers open Japan Disneyland Similarity: 0.73

4 days before.

Japanese tourism takes a beating Similarity: 0.80

3 days before.

US and Japan tackle post-disaster reconstruction Similarity: 0.74

2 days before.

Japan reactor shutdown to take months Similarity: 0.57

1 day before.

Death toll climbs in Japan as work goes on at nuclear power plant Similarity: 0.61

Oldest man marks 114th birthday Similarity: 0.31

1 day after.

Japan plans no-go zone around nuclear plant Similarity: 0.39

Earthquake magnitude of 6.3 jolts Japan, no tsunami warning Similarity: 0.84

Gillard guest of honour at Tokyo dinner Similarity: 0.47

2 days after.

Japan earmarks first $50bln for post-quake rebuild Similarity: 0.72

Toyota says production back to normal by year-end (AFP) Similarity: 0.52

3 days after.

Japan approves $50bn for reconstruction Similarity: 0.63

Here's looking at me: Birds snapped staring at their own reflections in garden pond Similarity: 0.36

Japan's tsunami means Toyota set to lose position as world's number 1 car maker to GM Similarity: 0.41

Politics › Australian PM 1st foreign leader to visit tsunami-hit area Similarity: 0.37

4 days after.

Memorial services for Japan's tsunami victims Similarity: 0.85

5 days after.

Some 25K Japanese troops look for quake missing Similarity: 0.82

Nintendo says successor to Wii coming in 2012 (AP) Similarity: 0.32

Solemn Hakuho prepares for meet Similarity: 0.33

Japan PM under pressure after party falters in local Similarity: 0.32

Aussie dollar hits 29-year peak; Seoul shares shine (Reuters) Similarity: 0.35

6 days after.

Rebuilding Japan's disaster-hit towns may take a decade Similarity: 0.64

A look at economic developments around the globe (AP) Similarity: 0.49

7 days after.

Japan imperial couple visit tsunami zone (AFP) Similarity: 0.73

Ban calls UN nuclear meeting Similarity: 0.34


الماضي: تأثير الزلزال على مصانع سابك في اليابان لم يتجاوز 1% Similarity: 0.31

اقتصادي/ اليابان / انخفاض الصادرات للمرة الأولى خلال 16 شهرا Similarity: 0.31


Store prisstigninger på olie og guld Similarity: 0.36


Tokio will Gebiet um Fukushima hermetisch abriegeln Similarity: 0.48

Atomunfall Fukushima: Japans Regierung will Evakuierungszone abriegeln Similarity: 0.38

Rückversicherer: Munich Re verspricht Gewinn für 2011 Similarity: 0.37

Toyota drosselt US-Produktion drastisch Similarity: 0.35

Geberländer sagen rund 550 Millionen Euro Hilfe für Tschernobyl zu Similarity: 0.32

Regierung will verseuchte Zone dauerhaft sperren Similarity: 0.34


Toyota réduit de 50 à 70 % sa production en Chine Similarity: 0.45


La Borsa di Tokyo chiude in netto rialzo. Oro record a 1500 dollari l'oncia Similarity: 0.45

Giappone: bilancia commerciale negativo a marzo Similarity: 0.42

Giappone, più di 14mila le vittime Più del 90% sono annegati Similarity: 0.42


Dodental Japan boven 14.000 Similarity: 0.55

Rotterdam haalt 1 miljoen containers in maand Similarity: 0.32


Jak wieczór kawalerski zmienia życie Similarity: 0.33


Governo cria zona de exclusão a volta da central nuclear Similarity: 0.43

Vítimas de terremoto e tsunami no Japão passam de 14 mil Similarity: 0.44


Японцы готовы на жертвы ради усмирения «Фукусимы» Similarity: 0.31

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