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Egypt Hesitates Restoring Gas To Israel  es

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This cluster belong to the following story: 15 dead as Israel boards Gaza-bound ships

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Start date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7 days before.

Israel to build more settler homes Similarity: 0.46

EBRD president seeks to calm Israeli nerves Similarity: 0.45

Egypt to lift restrictions on political parties Similarity: 0.30

6 days before.

Killings spur on homes plan for West Bank Similarity: 0.48

5 days before.

Palestinians protest Hamas-Fatah divisions Similarity: 0.45

Regional analysts expect few change in Israeli PM's upcoming peace initiative Similarity: 0.31

4 days before.

Israel unveils seized arms cache from cargo ship (AP) Similarity: 0.64

3 days before.

Egypt resumes natural gas flow to Israel Similarity: 0.58

Rival Leaders Agree to Hold Gaza Meeting Similarity: 0.37

Sarah Palin Similarity: 0.32

2 days before.

Massacring truth: the story of Jenin Jenin Similarity: 0.70

1 day before.

In Gaza, Hamas forces rough up protesters, reporters Similarity: 0.46

Helen Thomas: Jews in total control of US Similarity: 0.39

1 day after.

Sarah Palin tours Israel Similarity: 0.71

2 days after.

Five dead in Gaza in Israeli mortar attack Similarity: 0.39

Ex-Israeli President Katsav Sentenced to 7 Years Similarity: 0.50

3 days after.

1 dead in Jerusalem blast Similarity: 0.52

Israel's ex-President jailed for rape Similarity: 0.42

4 days after.

Envoy: Jerusalem bomb, Gaza attacks appear 'unrelated' Similarity: 0.54

5 days after.

Gates meets with Israeli, Palestinian PMs Similarity: 0.54

6 days after.

Gaza rockets strike Israel anew after lull Similarity: 0.46

7 days after.

2 killed in Israeli airstrike as nation deploys new defense system Similarity: 0.54


Al menos dos palestinos muertos por disparos del Ejército israelí Similarity: 0.31

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