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Meeting in Japan Calls for Settlement of Its Inglorious Past  fr  it  nl  ar  pt  ru

Pyongyang, March 1 (KCNA) -- A meeting on the Juche idea and Japan-DPRK friendship was held at the Tokyo Art Theatre on Feb. 24 to realize the normalization of DPRK-Japan relations. Jyun Shimizu, deputy chief director of the Japan-Korea Cultural Interchange Association, addressing the meeting, urged....

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Start date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7 days before.

Students missing after deadly New Zealand quake Similarity: 0.53

6 days before.

World's first robot marathon kicks off in Japan (AP) Similarity: 0.66

5 days before.

EDITORIAL: Christchurch disaster Similarity: 0.78

4 days before.

Japan's core consumer prices drop for 23rd month in a row Similarity: 0.51

Nintendo 3-D handheld goes on sale in Japan (AP) Similarity: 0.40

3 days before.

Robot marathon Japan: Off to shaky start winner crosses line after 55 hours Similarity: 0.69

1 day before.

Japan's jobless rate unchanged in January Similarity: 0.74

Business › Nikkei rises sharply on weaker yen Similarity: 0.43

Japan lower house passes budget, PM's outlook bleak (Reuters) Similarity: 0.31

1 day after.

Teen arrested in Japan for test cheating scandal Similarity: 0.36

Politics › French trade minister calls on Japan to lower nontariff barriers Similarity: 0.70

4 days after.

Japan's FM resigns over donation Similarity: 0.69

Sea Shepherd sails into more controversy Similarity: 0.31

2 days after.

Japan PM rejects call for election to break deadlock Similarity: 0.40

3 days after.

Hayabusa, the new luxury 186mph Japanese bullet train that allows passengers to travel with their own cabin attendant Similarity: 0.76

5 days after.

President starts 4-day Japan trip Similarity: 0.76

6 days after.

Japan ruling party MP calls on embattled PM to quit Similarity: 0.43

7 days after.

Embattled Japan PM picks new foreign min amid diplomacy woes Similarity: 0.76

World share markets mixed even as oil price falls Similarity: 0.35


خليفة يأمر باستثمار 5 مليارات و"700" مليون درهم بالإمارات الشمالية Similarity: 0.30


USA: Bernanke met en garde contre les effets d'une hausse durable pétrole Similarity: 0.31


Borsa: Tokyo, tonfo in chiusura (-2,43%) Similarity: 0.41


Beurs Tokio verliest 2,43 procent Similarity: 0.38

'AEX opent met verlies' Similarity: 0.30

Midden-Oosten zet Nikkei op verlies Similarity: 0.30


Bolsa encerra a perder 2,43 por cento Similarity: 0.37


Япония отреагировала на планы России разместить ракеты на Курилах Similarity: 0.34

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