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By Catherine Belton in Moscow Published: February 22 2011 22:59 | Last updated: February 22 2011 22:59 has acquired the Moscow city government’s 46.5 per cent stake in , bringing the Russian state bank a step closer towards winning control over the heart of a financial empire run by allies of ousted mayor Yury Luzhkov.

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Start date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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Moscow urges Tokyo to probe into Russian flag desecration incident Similarity: 0.84

Saakashvili assured ASD Vershbow that Georgia would not give Russia a pretext for an attack – Wikileaks Similarity: 0.36

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Analysis: Two's a crowd as Russian state banks squeeze rivals (Reuters) Similarity: 0.77

TNK-BP pondering Arctic oil role Similarity: 0.35

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Bugs, bribes and burglary: When Tony Brenton became Our Man In Moscow, he discovered just how far Russia's paranoid rulers would go to keep power... Similarity: 0.83

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Masked gunmen kill three as Islamist militants target £9bn ski resorts plan Similarity: 0.79

Top Japanese gov't spokesman inspects from air disputed northern islands Similarity: 0.31

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Magnitude-6.2 quake shakes east Russia (AP) Similarity: 0.78

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Vladimir Putin and the people Similarity: 0.88

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Russia military to go on $650-billion shopping spree Similarity: 0.84

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As soon as occupation is stopped, we will become friends – Mikheil Saakashvili Similarity: 0.87

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Russian jailed for selling fighter jets for £3 Similarity: 0.80

Israel May Resume Military Cooperation with Georgia Similarity: 0.36

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GLONASS system starts operation on Vladivostok municipal transport Similarity: 0.82

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Gorbachev: Time limited for Putin Similarity: 0.50


Руски запасняци критикуват военния министър Сердюков Similarity: 0.43


Fly styrter ned i Libyen efter bombeordre Similarity: 0.31

Kjelling ude resten af sæsonen Similarity: 0.44


CSKA naar achtste finales Europa League Similarity: 0.48


Comunistas russos ameaçam com revoltas como no Egipto e na Tunísia Similarity: 0.46


Медведев вручит грамоты «городов воинской славы» Similarity: 0.33

Мэр Волгограда собирается обжаловать свою отставку в суде Similarity: 0.30

Медведев об "арабском" сценарии и терроризме Similarity: 0.33

Путин прибыл в Калининград Similarity: 0.33

Раненые в Кабардино-Балкарии туристы доставлены в Москву Similarity: 0.31

В Москве ищут "Жигули", которые могут использовать террористы Similarity: 0.30

Борис Громов планирует провести шоссе через лес в Балашихе Similarity: 0.32

Путин предсказал удвоение Резервного фонда Similarity: 0.32

Штраф "большой тройки" Similarity: 0.30

Минобороны попросило на жилье для военных дополнительно 49 млрд рублей Similarity: 0.31

Путин: жилье для военных должно быть предоставлено до 2013 года Similarity: 0.32


Ryska strider ökar oro inför OS 2014 Similarity: 0.34

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