Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Intel to invest $2.7 billion in Israel chip plant  de  fr  it  ar  bg  nl  tr

TEL AVIV (Reuters) - U.S. chipmaker Intel will invest $2.7 billion over the next two years upgrading its chip plant in southern Israel to produce 22 nanometer technology.

reuters 11:11:00 AM CET

This cluster belong to the following story: 15 dead as Israel boards Gaza-bound ships

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Start date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7 days before.

Clinton warns of nuclear Iran Similarity: 0.52

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Israeli troops destroy Palestinian school in West Bank Similarity: 0.61

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Premier meets with Israeli FM Similarity: 0.73

Rrelief society: Israel's violations worsen health services for Gaza children Similarity: 0.32

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Israel Should Oust Lieberman Similarity: 0.36

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Groupon now in India, Israel, S Africa; buys Indian co SoSasta Similarity: 0.42

Tensions grow between ultra-Orthodox, secular in Israel Similarity: 0.39

IOA expands area used for Jewish wailing rituals in O. Jerusalem Similarity: 0.33

Hamas MPs: The place for Blackwater is the courts, not Palestine Similarity: 0.30

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Israeli settlement plan could be approved next week Similarity: 0.38

:Israel and Palestine: The Next Move Similarity: 0.35

S Africa groups seek Livni arrest Similarity: 0.34

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Decline of Labour is proof of Israeli political crisis Similarity: 0.67

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Settlement showdown? Similarity: 0.40

Thousands of pilgrims go down by Jordan riverside for Epiphany (AHN) Similarity: 0.33

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UN raises $575m for Palestine's needs in 2011 Similarity: 0.38

Sonya Peres, fiercely private wife of Israeli president Shimon Peres, dies at 88 Similarity: 0.48

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The French foreign minister has been mobbed by Palestinian protesters Similarity: 0.32

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Crowd attacks Foreign Minister over 'war crime' Similarity: 0.31

Tunisian lesson for Israel Similarity: 0.52

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Israeli report clears military in Gaza raid Similarity: 0.60

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Report: Palestinians offered to give up most of East Jerusalem Similarity: 0.51

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Leaked documents show Palestinians ready to deal at 2008 peace talks Similarity: 0.47

S. TA residents protest African migrants at Barak's home Similarity: 0.31


دين - بناء 33 وحدة استيطانية في القدس Similarity: 0.31


2010g. - успешна година за морските летища Similarity: 0.33


Strache kontert Kritik nach Israel-Reise Similarity: 0.36

Technik - Taufliegen bringen Entwicklung von drahtlosen Netzwerken weiter Similarity: 0.31


Barak quitte les travaillistes, au grand plaisir de Netanyahu Similarity: 0.36


La sinistra israeliana si spacca in due. Era ora Similarity: 0.40


Netanyahu beloont Barak met kabinetsposten Similarity: 0.36


İsrail’de hükümet çatırdadı Similarity: 0.33

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