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Israeli foreign official accused of sexual harassment  fr  nl  ar  de  pt  sv  tr

A senior official in the Israeli foreign ministry is under investigation for sex crimes against two Asian women, Israeli channel two reported Wednesday.

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Start date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7 days before.

Israel's ex-president Katsav guilty of rape Similarity: 0.53

Arab majority in 'historic Palestine' after 2014: survey (AFP) Similarity: 0.35

6 days before.

Moshe Katsav guilty of rape: Former Israel president faces 4 years in jail Similarity: 0.55

Abbas lays cornerstone of embassy in Brazil (AP) Similarity: 0.33

5 days before.

Palestinian protester dies after weekly protest Similarity: 0.34

4 days before.

Israeli ship escapes pirates in Indian Ocean Similarity: 0.45

Two Arab Israelis 'planned to fire missile at Jerusalem stadium' Similarity: 0.42

Israel Railways reduces train service as it investigates last week's fire Similarity: 0.41

Israel blamed for woman's death Similarity: 0.41

3 days before.

Israeli Jews told not to give homes to Arabs Similarity: 0.55

2 days before.

Women fighters willing to die for Gaza Similarity: 0.56

Israeli PM asks US to pardon spy Similarity: 0.30

1 day before.

Israel planned to push Gaza Strip to 'brink of financial collapse' in bid to shatter Hamas, diplomatic cables reveal Similarity: 0.53

1 day after.

West Bank civilian killed in bed Similarity: 0.41

2 days after.

Israeli soldier killed by 'friendly fire' Similarity: 0.42

3 days after.

East Jerusalem hotel demolished by Israel, 'damaging chance of peace' Similarity: 0.53

4 days after.

Israel attacks two targets in response to rocket fire, military says Similarity: 0.55

5 days after.

Clinton warns of nuclear Iran Similarity: 0.50

6 days after.

Israeli troops destroy Palestinian school in West Bank Similarity: 0.49

7 days after.

Premier meets with Israeli FM Similarity: 0.58


ليبرمان يدعو نظيره التركي إلى زيارة القدس Similarity: 0.32


Frauentränen bremsen Manneslust Similarity: 0.31


Paix et sécurité au menu de la rencontre Nétanyahou-Moubarack Similarity: 0.34


'Israël bereidt zich voor op oorlog' Similarity: 0.40


Telavive coloca condições para levantar bloqueio Similarity: 0.36


Palestinier dödades vid Gazagräns Similarity: 0.34


Türkiye'nin kum torbası olmayacağız Similarity: 0.36

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