Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ecuador recognizes a Palestinian state  de  es  fr  nl  ar  pt  ru  sl  sv

(CNN) -- Ecuador is the latest country to recognize an independent Palestinian state. The government said on Friday that President Rafael Correa recognized "the Palestine State as free and independent within its borders since 1967." Others countries -- such as Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay -- recently made the same move.

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This cluster belong to the following story: 15 dead as Israel boards Gaza-bound ships

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Start date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7 days before.

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Edited by Jeff Kozlowski :Failure is the Norm Similarity: 0.47

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1 dead, 5 wounded in Gaza Similarity: 0.35

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Abbas lays cornerstone of embassy in Brazil (AP) Similarity: 0.48

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الاكوادور تعترف بفلسطين دولة مستقلة - أ. ف. ب. Similarity: 0.31

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Nahost-Konflikt - Ecuador erkennt Palästina als unabhängigen Staat an Similarity: 0.51


Ecuador reconoció a Palestina como Estado libre e independiente Similarity: 0.58

Al menos 32 muertos al caer un autobús por un barranco en Ecuador Similarity: 0.31


QUITO - L'Equateur reconnaît la Palestine comme un Etat indépendant Similarity: 0.60


Ook Ecuador erkent Palestina als onafhankelijke staat Similarity: 0.61


Equador: autocarro despenha-se por ravina Similarity: 0.45


Эквадор признал Палестинскую автономию как независимое государство Similarity: 0.44


Oboroženo krilo Hamasa opozarja Izrael pred vojaško akcijo: Močnejši smo kot kdajkoli prej Similarity: 0.32


Också Ecuador erkänner... Similarity: 0.65

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