Sunday, December 5, 2010

Row over Kyoto Protocol mars climate talks  de  fr  nl

Climate change conference in Cancun seemed headed for another Copenhagen-like finish.

financialexpress 1:23:00 AM CET

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Start date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7 days before.

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Okinawans re-elect conservative governor Similarity: 0.48

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Chihuhua, Japan's latest police dog Similarity: 0.61

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Japan derails plan for new emissions pact by refusing to renew Kyoto treaty Similarity: 0.85

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Japan, US begin joint military exercises Similarity: 0.73

Japan's decision vexes Cancun meeting Similarity: 0.67

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Chinese climate negotiators discuss 'environmental integrity' Similarity: 0.80

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Nations 'rewriting climate plan' Similarity: 0.36

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Contest: J-List Wants You To Have A Happy J-Christmas Similarity: 0.78

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Mexican stand-off at UN climate talks in Cancun Similarity: 0.87

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Nations reach 'modest' climate deal in Cancun Similarity: 0.47

Japanese local assembly members' isle landing infringes China's sovereignty, spokeswoman Similarity: 0.61

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Cancun climate agreement: Analysis of the text Similarity: 0.44


UN-Klimagipfel: Minister sollen die Konferenz voranbringen Similarity: 0.70


Climat - Mexique - Cancun: critiques après une semaine de discussions Similarity: 0.64


Groothuis pakt tweede goud Similarity: 0.37

Smeekens ziek van 0,002 seconde Similarity: 0.36

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