Wednesday, November 24, 2010

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In 1979 Ezra Vogel, a Harvard academic, wrote a book entitled "Japan as Number One: Lessons for America" in which he portrayed Japan, with its strong economy and cohesive society, as the world's most dynamic industrial nation.

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This cluster belong to the following story: Russia marks 65th anniversary of WWII victory

Keywords: Russia, United states, Ukraine / Itar-Tass, Dmitry Medvedev / russian, moscow, putin, president

Start date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7 days before.

Japan to send envoy to Nobel peace award ceremony Similarity: 0.42

Edited by Hoishan Chan :Obama’s Return Similarity: 0.33

6 days before.

Nikkei closes above 10,000 for first time in five months, financials gain Similarity: 0.68

Ady Gil and Japanese whaler both blamed for collision Similarity: 0.31

4 days before.

Can Japan profit from its national 'cool'? Similarity: 0.79

3 days before.

Japan plans to send troops to islands Similarity: 0.74

2 days before.

Japan's justice minister resigns over two-phrases job gaffe Similarity: 0.41

1 day before.

Politics › Japan, Australia agree to resume free trade talks early next year Similarity: 0.56

Tokyo justice minister resigns over comments Similarity: 0.39

1 day after.

Sony to return to Japan e-reader market in December Similarity: 0.82

2 days after.

Japanese capital flows to coastal city Similarity: 0.79

5 days after.

Okinawans re-elect conservative governor Similarity: 0.51

6 days after.

Toyota recalls 650,000 Prius cars with a pump cooling problem Similarity: 0.33

Chihuhua, Japan's latest police dog Similarity: 0.69


Japan und Südkorea beraten über Nordkoreas Attacke Similarity: 0.31

Ökostrom-Anbieter "Lichtblick" startet erste "Zuhausekraftwerke" Similarity: 0.31


Terres rares: les livraisons chinoises au Japon ont repris Similarity: 0.31


*** Borsa Tokyo: Nikkei chiude -0,84% ,euro debole e crisi due Coree Similarity: 0.38


Verdeeld beeld Aziatische beurzen Similarity: 0.40


Clima/Cancún: Acordo sobre biodiversidade abre boas perspetivas para cimeira - Carlos Borrego Similarity: 0.39


Падением биржевых котировок закончились торги на Токийской бирже Similarity: 0.31

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