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Edited by Amy Wong :What Prevents Obama From Standing Up to the Israeli Challenge?  es  fr  it  ar  pt

Why have we witnessed this retreat in President Obama’s positions? While he once strongly insisted upon a timely resolution to the Palestinian issue based upon a two state solution and demanding that Israel cease the settlements, he is now content with a verbal refusal from Israel.

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Start date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7 days before.

Ariel Sharon, still in a coma, moved from hospital to his ranch Similarity: 0.92

Egypt raises Sinai alert level over Gaza-bound terror squad Similarity: 0.48

Resheq: The door is still open for the inter-Palestinian reconciliation Similarity: 0.35

6 days before.

Israel mulls US settlement offer Similarity: 0.91

Official: Egypt not doing enough to stop smuggling Similarity: 0.43

Knesset approves aliyah for 8,000 Falashmura members Similarity: 0.32

5 days before.

U.S. plan allows Israel West Bank construction Similarity: 0.91

4 days before.

Israel delays vote on settlement freeze Similarity: 0.90

3 days before.

Israel blames Palestinians for 'delaying' US freeze letter (AFP) Similarity: 0.89

Israel backs Lebanon border move Similarity: 0.41

2 days before.

Netanyahu: Israel, US Close to Settlement Deal Similarity: 0.89

1 day before.

Gaza hit by Israeli air strikes Similarity: 0.91

Israelis insist they have US backing to build in East Jerusalem Similarity: 0.56

1 day after.

Abbas demands freeze on settlement building Similarity: 0.91

IDF court demotes soldiers convicted of Gaza war misconduct Similarity: 0.33

2 days after.

Israel builds huge Egypt barrier Similarity: 0.91

Row over Israel's Western Wall plan Similarity: 0.31

3 days after.

Israel passes referendum law for ceding annexed land Similarity: 0.88

Jewish settlers move into house after Israeli police evict Palestinian family Similarity: 0.42

4 days after.

Israel erases Palestinian village of Abul Ajaj from map Similarity: 0.78

Turkey-Israeli Business Council to convene in Tel Aviv Similarity: 0.31

Masri: Blocking travel of Fatah members national decision Similarity: 0.38

5 days after.

Israeli military destroys West Bank farmers' road Similarity: 0.85

Israel mulling facility to house some 10,000 infiltrators from Egypt Similarity: 0.58

6 days after.

Israeli PM Angered by Palestinian Report on Western Wall Similarity: 0.91

7 days after.

PFLP accuses PA of holding many of its cadres in its jails Similarity: 0.85

German President Wulff arrives in Israel - Summary Similarity: 0.30


ستة جرحى فلسطينين في غارات اسرائيلية على غزة ردا على اطلاق صواريخ Similarity: 0.32

إسرائيل: واشنطن تحجم عن الالتزام بوعودها كتابيا مقابل وقف الاستيطان Similarity: 0.43

حماس تحذر من مخطط اسرائيلي تهويدي يفتح الطريق امام هدم الاف المنازل في القدس Similarity: 0.43


Israel bombardea por tierra y aire a Gaza Similarity: 0.47


L'imbroglio de Ghajar, village demi-libanais aux confins d'Israël Similarity: 0.51


Razzi salafiti sul sud d'Israele, raid aerei israeliani su Gaza Similarity: 0.36


Futebol: Benfica - Fábio Coentrão e Javi Garcia treinam sob vigilância médica Similarity: 0.36

Revista de imprensa: destaques de "A Bola" Similarity: 0.40

Benfica: Coentrão, Javi e Airton aceleram para a recuperação Similarity: 0.34

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