Thursday, November 4, 2010

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China and Japan failed to hold a separate meeting at the Oct 30 East Asia Summit.

chinadaily 1:25:00 AM CET

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Start date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7 days before.

China builds world's fastest supercomputer Similarity: 0.31

6 days before.

China, Japan meet amid territorial tensions (AP) Similarity: 0.54

Japan recovery loses steam as output drops (AFP) Similarity: 0.48

5 days before.

China and Japan feud at Asia talks Similarity: 0.48

Delegates deadlocked as UN nature talks near end Similarity: 0.33

3 days before.

Medvedev stokes Japan ire with visit to disputed isles (AFP) Similarity: 0.69

Video shows China ship to blame for collisions Similarity: 0.67

Israeli film wins Tokyo prize Similarity: 0.32

2 days before.

Japan recalls ambassador to Russia Similarity: 0.67

National › Taiji's 1st meeting with anti-dolphin hunt groups begins without O'Barry Similarity: 0.32

1 day before.

Japan Warns Russia Against Visits To Disputed Islands Similarity: 0.84

1 day after.

Japan checking if China collision online video real (Reuters) Similarity: 0.80

2 days after.

Dalai Lama in Japan, backs Chinese dissident Liu Similarity: 0.75

3 days after.

APEC looks to safeguard growth, ease currency tension (AFP) Similarity: 0.52

4 days after.

Fear of missing the boat on trade rouses Japan Similarity: 0.73

5 days after.

Vodafone to receive £3bn from Softbank Similarity: 0.77

China to work for better growth in Asia-Pacific Similarity: 0.38

6 days after.

APEC agrees existing pacts will lead to giant FTA Similarity: 0.68

7 days after.

Exhibition of Japan accomplishments opens in Yokohama. Similarity: 0.73


Wiener Philharmoniker in Japan verunglückt Similarity: 0.35

Der Toyota IQ muss in die Werkstatt Similarity: 0.33

Pizzakette startet irre Aktion in Japan - Neuer Job mit 22.000 Euro Stundenlohn Similarity: 0.31


Des dossiers secrets de la police nippone sur le Net Similarity: 0.45


*** Borsa Tokyo: chiusura in netto rialzo, +2,17% Nikkei dopo la Fed Similarity: 0.44


Nikkei opgelucht over effecten Fed Similarity: 0.39

Bijna alle in België verkochte Toyota iQ's weer naar garage Similarity: 0.33


Toyota anuncia recall de 136 mil veículos por problema de direção Similarity: 0.32

Japão: Bolsa de Tóquio fechou sessão de hoje em alta Similarity: 0.37


Япония отреагирует на поездку Медведева исходя из действий РФ Similarity: 0.42

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