Friday, October 22, 2010

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Yesterday, an experienced minister told me that he doesn’t find sense in Barack Obama’s proposal that the U.S. support the stationing of Israeli soldiers on the Jordan River. Go out and learn, he claimed, that if Israel were interested in such a commitment, it would have already yielded on the Jordan Rift Valley, before the negotiations even began.

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Start date: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

7 days before.

Israel plans 238 new settler homes in east Jerusalem Similarity: 0.86

IDF confiscates load of construction materials used in settlement Similarity: 0.48

6 days before.

Israel wants to build more housing on disputed land Similarity: 0.85

A delegation of the Elders arrives in Gaza Similarity: 0.54

5 days before.

Israeli raid kills Gaza fighters Similarity: 0.91

4 days before.

Mike Leigh cancels trip to Israel Similarity: 0.88

3 days before.

China expresses 'regret' over Israel's new settlement plan Similarity: 0.82

2 days before.

Blast in Gaza Hamas compound injures children Similarity: 0.93

1 day before.

600 new homes begun since settlement freeze ended, group says Similarity: 0.91

Viva Palestina convoy reaches Gaza Similarity: 0.53

Driver testifies in Corrie case Similarity: 0.46

1 day after.

Israeli presence 'irreversible' Similarity: 0.92

2 days after.

Israel critical of Mideast synod's conclusions Similarity: 0.81

Hamas, Fatah to hold "decisive" reconciliation talks next week Similarity: 0.59

3 days after.

Israel rejects Catholic criticism Similarity: 0.88

4 days after.

'We saw nothing,' flotilla activists tell Israeli probe (AFP) Similarity: 0.92

Cancel Israel trip, Tutu tells performers Similarity: 0.36

5 days after.

Israeli riot police fires tear gas at Jewish protesters marching through town Similarity: 0.81

6 days after.

'No progress' in Mid-East talks Similarity: 0.93

7 days after.

Tens of thousands rally for Islamic Jihad in Gaza (AFP) Similarity: 0.90

Ehud Netzer, noted Israeli archaeologist, dies (AP) Similarity: 0.31


استمراراً للخيانة ... قادة ميليشيا عباس زاروا تل أبيب سرًا Similarity: 0.30

كارتر يتحدث عن رغبة كبيرة لدى حماس لاستئناف المفاوضات حول شاليط Similarity: 0.34


PROCHE-ORIENT - Un État palestinien de plus en plus "illusoire", selon un rapporteur de l'ONU Similarity: 0.68


Gaza: Onu, Israele acceleri ok accesso materiali costruzioni Similarity: 0.49

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