Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rabbis on rise in Israel's army  fr  ar  pt

All students at the seminary choose to serve in Israel's combat units while statistics suggest less ideologically driven Israelis are avoiding them. This has made headline news in Israel. The 19-year-olds I spoke to at the seminary told me religious soldiers like them can make the army behave better and become "more moral".

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Start date: Tuesday, January 13, 2009

7 days before.

Netanyahu to approve hundreds of new West Bank homes, Israeli official says Similarity: 0.83

Egyptian Security Arrest Four Africans Attempting to Sneak Into Israel Similarity: 0.54

6 days before.

Hamas makes case for reconciliation Similarity: 0.88

Spanish Foreign Minister to Visit Egypt Similarity: 0.34

Sweden calls off trip to Israel after troops there are accused of harvesting organs from dead Palestinians Similarity: 0.34

'Olim have changed the face of Israel' Similarity: 0.32

5 days before.

Israel approves settler homes in blow to Middle East peace Similarity: 0.79

4 days before.

Palestinians reject West Bank settlement expansion Similarity: 0.80

Hamas will welcome West Bank Fatah leaders to Gaza Similarity: 0.56

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Leaves for Cairo Similarity: 0.38

Report: Overcrowding in Israeli schools, teachers underpaid Similarity: 0.36

Israel, ECOWAS to sign MOU on economic, technical cooperation Similarity: 0.30

3 days before.

BBC – Israel ‘Understand’ Gaza Deaths Similarity: 0.85

Ex-PA envoy to Cairo: Hamas has the upper hand Similarity: 0.57

Four men shot at Israeli border Similarity: 0.43

Security forces remove structures in Hebron Similarity: 0.35

2 days before.

Hamas continues readying for resistance Similarity: 0.86

1 day before.

UN Chief Criticizes Israel''s Settlements Expansion Similarity: 0.77

Rafah Crossing to be Opened on Saturday Similarity: 0.71

Lebanon rocket fire sparks retaliation Similarity: 0.32

1 day after.

Israeli PM heads to Egypt for talks on peace process Similarity: 0.72

Egypt opens Rafah Crossing for 360 Palestinian pilgrims Similarity: 0.41

Heavy police presence at protest Similarity: 0.34

Settlers clash with Israeli police in West Bank Similarity: 0.43

Senior Fatah delegation delays Gaza visit Similarity: 0.67

2 days after.

Differences with US over peace talks Similarity: 0.88

Israeli astronaut's son dies in F-16 crash in West Bank Similarity: 0.39

Egypt's UNESCO Candidate Has Domestic Critics Also Similarity: 0.45

U.S. Takes Its Seat at U.N. Rights Council, With Fresh Controversy Brewing Over Israel Similarity: 0.42

3 days after.

Israel committed war crimes in Gaza UN says Similarity: 0.84

4 days after.

Israel condemns UN Gaza report Similarity: 0.80

FM: Protecting Egypt’s Borders Conforms to International Law Similarity: 0.50

5 days after.

Gazans welcome U.N. report Similarity: 0.83

Egypt court jails U.S. couples over illegal adoptions Similarity: 0.32

6 days after.

Israel rejects UN war crimes claim Similarity: 0.83

7 days after.

US fails to make peace breakthrough Similarity: 0.79

Hezbollah wants peace, but ready for war Similarity: 0.33


فصيل فلسطيني :لا اتفاق وشيك حول صفقة تبادل الأسرى Similarity: 0.35

المستوطنان يشنون حملة على تجميد البناء ومسلح يهودي أطلق النار على فلسطينيين Similarity: 0.36

نتانياهو في القاهرة غدا للبحث في السلام Similarity: 0.34


Proche-Orient: l'émissaire américain attendu pour une nouvelle tournée Similarity: 0.41

Israël : Shimon Peres victime d'un malaise Similarity: 0.33


Túnel desmorona, mata 2 e deixa 3 desaparecidos na Faixa de Gaza (12/09/09-12h22) Similarity: 0.65

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