Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Report: Overcrowding in Israeli schools, teachers underpaid  es  fr  it  da  pt

Some 33 pupils sit in the average Israeli middle school classroom compared to 24 in the other countries evaluated in a report published by the OECD on Tuesday. The comparative report by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development also revealed that a starting elementary school teacher....

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Start date: Tuesday, January 13, 2009

7 days before.

Israeli troops kill West Bank boy Similarity: 0.44

Madonna wrapping up world tour in Israel (AP) Similarity: 0.31

6 days before.

Edited by Christie Chu :Peace between Israel and Palestine – a Task Too Difficult for Obama? Similarity: 0.52

5 days before.

US Audacity of Hope Falters Similarity: 0.52

4 days before.

Netanyahu to approve hundreds of new West Bank homes, Israeli official says Similarity: 0.45

Suicide Madonnas are a shock too far for Israeli art enthusiasts Similarity: 0.40

Parents of Israeli soldier given letter from Sarkozy Similarity: 0.33

3 days before.

Netanyahu to approve hundreds of new West Bank homes, Israeli official says Similarity: 0.44

Tiff over Tel Aviv films grows Similarity: 0.30

2 days before.

'Olim have changed the face of Israel' Similarity: 0.42

Hamas makes case for reconciliation Similarity: 0.40

Sweden calls off trip to Israel after troops there are accused of harvesting organs from dead Palestinians Similarity: 0.36

Toronto film pushing Israeli 'propaganda machine' Similarity: 0.34

1 day before.

Israel approves settler homes in blow to Middle East peace Similarity: 0.45

1 day after.

BBC – Israel ‘Understand’ Gaza Deaths Similarity: 0.42

Nigeria urges Israel to work harder on Mideast peace Similarity: 0.36

2 days after.

Hamas continues readying for resistance Similarity: 0.48

Did Israeli PM Netanyahu Make Secret Trip to Moscow? Similarity: 0.34

3 days after.

Lebanon rocket fire sparks retaliation Similarity: 0.38

UN Chief Criticizes Israel''s Settlements Expansion Similarity: 0.36

4 days after.

Lebanon, Israel exchange rocket fire Similarity: 0.35

Rabbis on rise in Israel's army Similarity: 0.36

Israeli president collapses at public event Similarity: 0.50

5 days after.

Israeli PM heads to Egypt for talks on peace process Similarity: 0.52

6 days after.

Differences with US over peace talks Similarity: 0.30

Israeli astronaut's son dies in F-16 crash in West Bank Similarity: 0.41

Israeli leader Peres leaves hospital after fainting scare Similarity: 0.38

U.S. Takes Its Seat at U.N. Rights Council, With Fresh Controversy Brewing Over Israel Similarity: 0.37

7 days after.

Israel committed war crimes in Gaza UN says Similarity: 0.42

Steinitz invites Bernanke to Israel Similarity: 0.41


Bertel åbner Bosei Similarity: 0.34


Israel da luz verde a nuevas viviendas en Cisjordania antes de pactar congelarlas Similarity: 0.34

Más de la mitad de los adultos españoles ya tiene estudios postobligatorios Similarity: 0.34

Nadal, Ferrer, Robredo y Feliciano López, seleccionados para la Davis Similarity: 0.31


La semaine de quatre jours sur la sellette Similarity: 0.41

OCDE: investir dans l'enseignement contre la crise Similarity: 0.37

Ça craque dans les maternelles Similarity: 0.31


Israele fa costruire nuove case in Cisgiordania Similarity: 0.31

Ocse: investire in istruzione contro la crisi Similarity: 0.34


Licenciados em Portugal são mais do que nos outros países da OCDE Similarity: 0.49

Educação: Ministra sublinha melhoria de resultados em relatório da OCDE Similarity: 0.47

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