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Barak: Relations with US foundation of Israel's foreign policy  de  es  fr  it  ar  da  nl  pt  sl  sv

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said in during the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee meeting, "Relations with the United States are important and close. They are the foundation of Israel's foreign policy." Barak added, "We are holding an intensive dialogue on a range of issues with the....

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This cluster belong to the following story: Israel 'wants rapid Gaza pullout'

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Start date: Tuesday, January 13, 2009

7 days before.

U.S. Envoy Presses Israel on Settlements Similarity: 0.57

6 days before.

Seeking Israeli settlements dispute Similarity: 0.43

5 days before.

Israel must leave Arab land Similarity: 0.44

Netanyahu defers expulsion of children of migrant workers Similarity: 0.34

4 days before.

Anti-Settlement Group Takes Palestinian Property Claims to Israel's High Court Similarity: 0.43

3 days before.

Israel's own inquiry into Gaza offensive justifies its campaign Similarity: 0.37

Madonna shares spiritual awakening in Israeli newspaper Similarity: 0.35

2 days before.

Israel condemned over evictions Similarity: 0.41

Gunman attacks Tel Aviv gay centre Similarity: 0.35

1 day before.

Palestinians evicted, Jewish settlers move in Similarity: 0.45

7 Israelis, Americans Nabbed in Tax Scam Similarity: 0.40

1 day after.

Extremist Israel FM visits Syrian-Lebanese village Similarity: 0.51

Barak meets with Labor Party members Similarity: 0.33

2 days after.

Hackers attack Israeli party site Similarity: 0.49

3 days after.

Israel Pushes for International Sanctions on Iran Similarity: 0.52

Last-minute deal prevents Labor split Similarity: 0.35

Protestors to chief of staff: Shalit or resign Similarity: 0.36

4 days after.

Israel recalls Boston envoy over critical memo (AP) Similarity: 0.53

5 days after.

Fatah keeps 'right to resist,' angering Israel (AFP) Similarity: 0.30

Hezbollah warns of 'tougher response than 2006' (AFP) Similarity: 0.36

Israelis mark gay shooting with rally of support Similarity: 0.43

Senior Israeli diplomat slams Netanyahu's US policy Similarity: 0.35

6 days after.

Netanyahu says Lebanon accountable for Hezbollah Similarity: 0.31

Israeli Interior Minister refuses to stop settlement expansion Similarity: 0.50

Israeli FM slammed Boston consul for criticizing his own gov't Similarity: 0.33

7 days after.

Jailed Palestinian elected to Fatah leadership Similarity: 0.30

Consul slams Benjamin Netanyahu for 'undermining' US-Israeli relations Similarity: 0.55


وعد بالاستقالة اذا ادين بالفساد ليبرمان امام وفد من الكونغرس: لا انسحاب من الجولان Similarity: 0.35


Dansk fredsvagt: Jeg slap billigt på grund af kollegaer Similarity: 0.35


Nichts als Arbeit am Geburtstag Similarity: 0.34

Fatah-Parteitag nach zwanzig Jahren Similarity: 0.34

Regierung rügt Aufseher: Streit um US-Finanzreform eskaliert Similarity: 0.32


Canciller israelí renunciará si se le abre proceso por corrupción Similarity: 0.38


Lieberman sur un siège éjectable Similarity: 0.41

«La France paiera pour tous ses crimes» Similarity: 0.37

Hosni Moubarak reçu à la Maison Blanche le 18 août Similarity: 0.35

Barack «Joker» Obama, ce «socialiste» Similarity: 0.31

48 ans d'Obama : un anniversaire en pleine controverse Similarity: 0.31


Abu Mazen promuove la pace “Ma l’alternativa è la lotta armata” Similarity: 0.45

Al-Zawahiri offre una tregua a Obama Similarity: 0.34

Barack Obama festeggia 48 anni Similarity: 0.34

Abbas: pace con Israele, ma le armi come extrema ratio Similarity: 0.33


Fatah begint partijcongres Similarity: 0.32


Abbas deixa em aberto opção pela resistência Similarity: 0.42

Estados Unidos preparam campanha no Oriente Médio Similarity: 0.59


Ameriški predsednik Barack Obama praznuje 48. rojstni dan Similarity: 0.32


Sahlin kritiserade Israel inför Fatah Similarity: 0.46

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