Wednesday, April 15, 2009

US envoy Mitchell kicks off Mideast peace mission  es  fr  nl  ar  pt

April 15, 2009 5:33 EDT JERUSALEM (AFP) US special envoy George Mitchell on Wednesday kicked off his first peace mission to Israel and the Palestinian territories since right-leaning Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took office.

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Start date: Tuesday, January 13, 2009

7 days before.

Jewish settlers rampage through village Similarity: 0.86

Syria ready for Israel talks on Golan pullout Similarity: 0.46

Israel test fires Arrow missile interceptor Similarity: 0.32

Russia to donate weapons to PA Similarity: 0.30

6 days before.

Adams: Hamas should be part of any peace settlement Similarity: 0.89

Sinn F?in leader: Gaza open-air prison Similarity: 0.38

Egypt to question 'Hezbollah plotters' further Similarity: 0.35

5 days before.

Israeli occupation authorities impose strict regulations to prevent Palestinians from entering the occupied city of Jerusalem Similarity: 0.85

4 days before.

Jordan urges unified Arab stand on peace Similarity: 0.83

3 days before.

Borderline outcast Why Israel is at odds with Washington Similarity: 0.80

2 days before.

Netanyahu and Abbas in first contact since election Similarity: 0.86

Egypt: Israeli tourists targeted Similarity: 0.38

Kazakhs say Israel supplied flawed military hardware Similarity: 0.32

Peres: 'Iran wants to take over the Middle East' Similarity: 0.30

1 day before.

70% of Palestinian Youth Oppose Violence Similarity: 0.88

1 day after.

Lucky ‘Bibi’ needs to be kept engaged Similarity: 0.92

Egypt detains nine over smuggling, arms trade Similarity: 0.30

2 days after.

U.S. envoy George Mitchell meets with Israeli foreign minister Similarity: 0.89

Don't Let Any Nations Derail UN Racism Conference Similarity: 0.32

3 days after.

Palestinian killed in West Bank settlement Similarity: 0.86

UN Conference on Racism Opens Monday Similarity: 0.38

Israeli Intelligence Officer Affirms Qintar's Innocence of Murdering Israeli Child Similarity: 0.54

4 days after.

New boycotts of UN racism conference Similarity: 0.38

Former West Bank enemies find route to peace the Ulster way Similarity: 0.87

Israeli bank says country weathering global crisis Similarity: 0.49

5 days after.

In depth: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad believes fervently in what he says Similarity: 0.33

Israel keeps raising the bar on possible peace talks Similarity: 0.88

6 days after.

Iran president's remarks prompt walkout at U.N. conference Similarity: 0.39

Israel seeks US-made cannon against Gaza rockets Similarity: 0.90

Israel buys 25 million dollar US missile system to counter Gaza projectiles Similarity: 0.49

7 days after.

Barack Obama invites Middle East leaders to White House Similarity: 0.88

Israeli army says internal probes find no violation in Gaza war Similarity: 0.47

Israelis 'did not violate law' Similarity: 0.39

Islamic world must unite to defend Palestine: Ahmadinejad Similarity: 0.41


الفلسطينيون يستعدون لمواجهة أكبر هجوم يهودي على الأقصى Similarity: 0.30

"جرح غزة" بعدسة تركية Similarity: 0.36


El enviado de Obama llegó a Israel para reanudar las conversaciones de paz Similarity: 0.45


Le Hamas appelle le Fatah à relâcher ses partisans en Cisjordanie Similarity: 0.66

Un envoyé spécial américain en visite en Algérie Similarity: 0.37


Israël werkt niet mee met VN-onderzoek Gaza-oorlog Similarity: 0.53


Israel não vai cooperar com o inquérito da ONU sobre a ofensiva em Gaza Similarity: 0.75

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