Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jordan urges unified Arab stand on peace  es  fr  ar  pt

April 11, 2009 3:36 EDT AMMAN (AFP) Jordan's King Abdullah II on Saturday told Arab foreign ministers that a unified position on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process was key to a solution in the Middle East.

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Start date: Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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Lucky ‘Bibi’ needs to be kept engaged Similarity: 0.85

Egypt detains nine over smuggling, arms trade Similarity: 0.40

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Palestinian killed in West Bank settlement Similarity: 0.92

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مصر تقترح لجنةً مشتركةً بين حركتي "حماس" و"فتح" لإعادة إعمار قطاع غزة Similarity: 0.38

مصادر: القبض على رجل من سيناء اعتزم تهريب أموال لحماس Similarity: 0.34

حماس ترحب بوساطة أي دولة في صفقة شاليط Similarity: 0.31


Arrestan en Egipto a miembro de Hezbollah Similarity: 0.36


L'Egypte propose un organe de liaison national entre le Hamas et le Fatah Similarity: 0.69

Les Etats-Unis appelés à faire pression sur Israël pour la reprise du processus de paix Similarity: 0.42

Le Hezbollah dément avoir planifié des attentts en Egypte Similarity: 0.40


Liga Árabe se reúne para discutir apoio ao novo governo de Israel Similarity: 0.48

Correio do Hamas parado com milhões de dólares Similarity: 0.62

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