Monday, July 21, 2008

3 killed in bus explosions in China  de  es  fr  it  nl  ar  bg  da  fa  no  pl  pt  ru  sl  sv

Police say at least two blasts targeting buses in Kunming, the capital of Yunan province, were acts of 'sabotage.' Thirteen were injured in the attacks. Explosions this morning in the southern Chinese city of Kunming killed at least three people and injured 13 in what appears to have been a coordinated terrorist attack.

latimes 5:10:00 PM CEST

7 days before.

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Hundreds of migrant workers riot in eastern China (AP) Similarity: 0.37

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President Ma attends white terror memorial Similarity: 0.37

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China's inflation falls Similarity: 0.61

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Fireworks at Beijing Olympics Similarity: 0.71

Tropical storm floods southern Taiwan Similarity: 0.42

Chinese reporters get shot at police gun briefing Similarity: 0.31

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Taipei bids to save US arms deal Similarity: 0.79

China to enhance foreign investments management, regulate forex inflow Similarity: 0.34

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Air Pollution Still an Issue in Beijing Similarity: 0.80

Typhoon Fung-Wong heads to Taiwan Similarity: 0.39

Chinese parents lost kid in quake can have second Similarity: 0.37

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China probes games terror threat Similarity: 0.77

Melee in Beijing as tickets for games go on sale Similarity: 0.30

China bends 1-child rule in quake area Similarity: 0.36

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China: Mosque Collapse Kills 7 Similarity: 0.73

Scrum for final Olympic tickets Similarity: 0.44

Japan's newest growth industry: Asian tourists Similarity: 0.32

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China on war footing ahead of Olympic Games Similarity: 0.87

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Beijing's Olympic stadiums are out of this world - but its advice for residents is down to earth Similarity: 0.76

British newspaper bashed for untruthful reporting over monks' death Similarity: 0.33

3 days after.

China clamps down on business visas Similarity: 0.82


16 قتيلاً وجريحاً في تفجيرين "متعمدين" جنوب غربي الصين Similarity: 0.35

مقتل شخصين في انفجارين جنوب غربي الصين Similarity: 0.32


Моника Костова или Ирена Танова ще заменят Бонева в Пекин Similarity: 0.33

Американският президент Джордж Буш заяви днес, че американските спортисти ще отидат на Олимпийските игри като „посланици на свободата“ и представители на значението, което САЩ отдават на човешките права, предаде Франс прес. Similarity: 0.31

Путин ще води руската делегация на Олимпийските игри Similarity: 0.31

ФИФА наказва Меси Similarity: 0.37


Dræbt i sabotage mod busser i Kina Similarity: 0.64

Browns rådgiver gik i kinesisk sexfælde Similarity: 0.41


Tote bei mehreren Busexplosionen in China Similarity: 0.54

56 Chinesen in Kohlegrube eingeschlossen Similarity: 0.34


Tres muertos y 18 heridos en un atentado contra tres autobuses en China Similarity: 0.45

Allamand acusa a Cortázar de buscar extorsionar al Parlamento Similarity: 0.30


هفده کشته و زخمی در سه انفجار جداگانه اتوبوس در چین Similarity: 0.31

حسین رضازاده با تاخیر تست دوپینگ داد Similarity: 0.31


Un train de mesures pour des «Jeux verts» Similarity: 0.55

[VIDEO] Deux explosions dans des bus en Chine Similarity: 0.51

Vladimir Poutine assistera à la cérémonie d'ouverture Similarity: 0.34


Cina: esplosioni su autobus, sale a tre bilancio vittime Similarity: 0.58

La bella 007 cinese beffa luomo di Brown Similarity: 0.32


Doden bij explosies in bussen in China Similarity: 0.67

[13:56] Estafetteploeg 4x100 meter naar Peking Similarity: 0.37

Van der Weide mee naar Peking Similarity: 0.36

Laatste Belgische selecties Olympische Spelen bekend Similarity: 0.32

Steenkool veertig procent duurder Similarity: 0.32


Eksplosjoner på busser i Kina Similarity: 0.49


Linia metra zamknięta z powodu tłoku Similarity: 0.52


China: Explosões em autocarros fazem 2 mortos Similarity: 0.68

Taiwan: Popularidade do presidente cai 23 pontos percentuais em três meses Similarity: 0.39

Pequim2008: Atletismo - Fernando Mota prefere falar em "superação" do que em medalhas Similarity: 0.39

Rafinha não viaja com o Schalke e diz que vai a Pequim (21/07/08-17h14) Similarity: 0.43


В Китае взорваны 2 автобуса Similarity: 0.36


V eksplozijah na avtobusih na Kitajskem dva mrtva Similarity: 0.41

V eksplozijah na avtobusih na Kitajskem dva mrtva Similarity: 0.39


Bussexplosion i Kina Similarity: 0.51

Boliden sviker på alla punkter Similarity: 0.32

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