Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Syria says talks with Israel require US support (AP)  fr  ar

AP - Syrian President Bachar Assad says he is counting on the next American president to help support efforts to negotiate peace between his country and Israel.

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Start date: Saturday, April 21, 2007

7 days before.

Sarkozy to meet Syria's Assad in Paris Similarity: 0.69

Israel, Syria to hold third round of talks Similarity: 0.40

Abbas: We want to keep truce going Similarity: 0.31

6 days before.

Expatriates Minister meets delegations of South African MPS and American students Similarity: 0.66

5 days before.

President al-Assad Calls for Upgrading Cooperation among OIC Countries in All Areas Similarity: 0.73

4 days before.

Mostly Muslim Syria marks 'year of St Paul' Similarity: 0.74

3 days before.

Syria 'would break links with Iran' if America steps in to help it Similarity: 0.50

'Many killed' in Syrian jail riot Similarity: 0.46

JAVIER SOLANA: What Kind of Palestine? Similarity: 0.35

2 days before.

Syria blames inmates in jail riot Similarity: 0.51

Israel to reopen some Gaza crossings Similarity: 0.44

1 day before.

Syria heads east to boost foreign investment Similarity: 0.73

Ceasefire raises hopes for Gaza sewage solution Similarity: 0.43

2 days after.

CORRECTION: Troops kill Palestinian, rockets fired at Israel (Reuters) Similarity: 0.31

Big crowd, modest plans at Med Union launch Similarity: 0.45

3 days after.

Hamas arrests Gaza militants for rocket fire: group Similarity: 0.31

President al-Assad: Syrian-French relations require more political dialogues & developing economic relations Similarity: 0.72

4 days after.

Sarkozy welcomes Assad in Paris Similarity: 0.68

Gaza rocket strikes Israel (AFP) Similarity: 0.31

5 days after.

Sarkozy opens Mediterranean talks Similarity: 0.73

ANALYSIS-Palestinian factional divide shredding society Similarity: 0.32

President al-Assad meets German Chancellor Merkel Similarity: 0.33

6 days after.

Syrian President courts controversy with Bastille Day appearance Similarity: 0.73

Barack Obama 'to visit West Bank' Similarity: 0.37

Germany presses Syria on arms smuggling Similarity: 0.47

7 days after.

The goings at the "Union for the Mediterranean" Similarity: 0.76

Israel: Peace Is Closer Than Ever Similarity: 0.37


عباس يرفض لقاء مشعل ... والقاهرة تستضيف الفصائل Similarity: 0.40

الاسد : زيارتي لفرنسا تاريخية وتمثل "انفتاح على فرنسا واوربا" Similarity: 0.34

دمشق: زيارة الأسد لباريس خطوة لتصويب العلاقات Similarity: 0.39

الإفراج عن الرهائن في سجن صيدنايا واستمرار العصيان Similarity: 0.34

مؤتمر قضائي في سورية برعاية الأسد وحضور قضاة من أميركا وبريطانيا وألمانيا Similarity: 0.30


Bachar al-Assad salue la «rupture» de Sarkozy Similarity: 0.71

Israël ferme les points de passage avec Gaza après un tir de mortier Similarity: 0.39

ALGÉRIE - Bouteflika ne voulait pas rester seul Similarity: 0.33

La France apporte sa contribution Similarity: 0.32

Paris présente un agenda ambitieux pour la défense européenne Similarity: 0.31

Lorsque Sarkozy ironise sur les grèves, les critiques explosent Similarity: 0.31

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