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One month to go: Beijing prepares to deliver Olympics (Reuters)  de  fr  it  nl  da  pt  sl  sv

Reuters - With a month remaining until the opening ceremony of one of the most scrutinized Olympic Games in history, the time has come for Beijing to deliver on seven years of promises and billions of dollars spent.

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

China resists bid for Zimbabwe sanctions (AP) Similarity: 0.88

Race to clear algae from sailing venue Similarity: 0.45

Shipping woes cut China's fireworks exports Similarity: 0.33

Lunch with Buffett sold for £1m Similarity: 0.32

6 days before.

Dalai Lama envoys in China talks Similarity: 0.91

5 days before.

Mine collapse in China kills 18 Similarity: 0.87

4 days before.

China confirms Tibet envoy talks Similarity: 0.87

Chinese shares up 1.95% on bargain hunting Similarity: 0.39

China to increase grain output Similarity: 0.34

3 days before.

‘Anti-China’ groups threaten Olympics Similarity: 0.83

Bush to attend Olympics opening Similarity: 0.52

Algae encroaches on Chinese waters ahead of Olympics Similarity: 0.48

EU probe into BHP targeting Rio Similarity: 0.32

2 days before.

Flights begin between China and Taiwan Similarity: 0.87

China's external debts reach $392.59 bln in March Similarity: 0.40

New Zealand Olympic cycling team named Similarity: 0.30

1 day before.

Bush going to Beijing for Olympic opening Similarity: 0.83

Low-key birthday for Dalai Lama Similarity: 0.48

China mine gas kills at least 21 Similarity: 0.47

Hong Kong democrats call on Chinese VP to speed polls Similarity: 0.32

1 day after.

China’s move signals oil and gas ambition Similarity: 0.94

China's Tibet exhibit toes the party line Similarity: 0.39

3 days after.

Chinese police kill 5 alleged separatists Similarity: 0.88

China export growth slows in June Similarity: 0.31

4 days after.

China tightens its security for Olympic Games Similarity: 0.90

China police: Confession in model's death Similarity: 0.41

Sinosteel raises stake in Midwest Similarity: 0.32

China CNPC H1 crude output up 466,700 tons Similarity: 0.32

5 days after.

Taiwan leader: US weapons needed (AP) Similarity: 0.75

China police: Confession in model's death Similarity: 0.35

Dogs are off the menu in China during the Olympics Similarity: 0.49

6 days after.

China tourists spend $1.3m in Taiwan Similarity: 0.89

7 days after.

China in clampdown on ‘hot’ money Similarity: 0.87

Hundreds of migrant workers riot in eastern China (AP) Similarity: 0.34

US president pays tribute to Dalai Lama's courage Similarity: 0.32


Evakueret panda fik tvillinger Similarity: 0.38


China verbannt Mao von Banknoten Similarity: 0.65

Die chinesische Trutzburg Similarity: 0.34

Leichtathletik: Trübe Aussichten für Olympia Similarity: 0.31


Mao détrôné par le stade olympique Similarity: 0.53

Le vice-président Xi Jinping en visite à Hong Kong Similarity: 0.47


Pechino 2008: Napolitano, "presenza atleti importante per causa diritti umani" Similarity: 0.53


Mao moet wijken voor 'vogelnest' Similarity: 0.61

Vincent Kompany niet naar de Spelen Similarity: 0.38

Chinese Chery overweegt bod op Volvo Similarity: 0.34

Gay twee weken aan kant Similarity: 0.33


China volta a avisar Dalai Lama a um mês dos JO Similarity: 0.61

STJ arquiva pedido de liberdade de acusado de matar milionário da Mega-Sena Similarity: 0.35

China emite notas de yuan comemorativas das Olimpíadas Similarity: 0.45

China: Segurança reforçada nos principais aeroportos Similarity: 0.45

China: Jornalistas com acesso limitado a algumas zonas Similarity: 0.55


Ptičje gnezdo izpodrinilo Mao Zedonga Similarity: 0.30

Kako pomagati revnim afriškim državam? Similarity: 0.32


Svenskt Näringsliv stödjer höjd ränta Similarity: 0.35

Årets första pandatvillingar Similarity: 0.33

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