Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Top inspector says IAEA Syria probe off to "good start"  fr  ar  da  fa  pt

VIENNA (Reuters) - A U.N. nuclear watchdog probe into a suspected secret nuclear reactor in Syria is off to "a good start" and inspectors were generally satisfied with Damascus's cooperation, their leader said on Wednesday.

reuters 8:37:00 PM CEST

This cluster belong to the following story: Abbas suspends peace talks with Israel

Keywords: Israel, Palestine / Hamas, Al Fatah / israeli, palestinian, gaza, abbas, strip, west

Start date: Saturday, April 21, 2007

7 days before.

France quashes talk of Israeli-Syrian peace summit (AFP) Similarity: 0.65

5 days before.

OIC conference calls Israel to Withdraw from the Syrian Golan Similarity: 0.75

4 days before.

U.N. atom watchdog faces search mission in Syria (Reuters) Similarity: 0.90

3 days before.

Nuclear inspectors head to Syria Similarity: 0.91

2 days before.

UN visits Syrian 'nuclear site' Similarity: 0.90

1 day before.

Syria's peace waterwheel in Saragossa International Exhibition Similarity: 0.86

1 day after.

Shara: The region witnesses a state of calmness due to failure of the American-Israeli project Similarity: 0.92

6 days after.

Appeals court rejects Canadian's lawsuit against U.S. officials Similarity: 0.37

Sarkozy to meet Syria's Assad in Paris Similarity: 0.54

Israel, Syria to hold third round of talks Similarity: 0.41

7 days after.

Expatriates Minister meets delegations of South African MPS and American students Similarity: 0.72


مفتشو الوكالة الذرية زاروا موقع الكبر السوري Similarity: 0.39

مفتشو الذرية ينهون بتكتم زيارتهم لسوريا Similarity: 0.43


Ehud Olmert afværgede regeringskrise Similarity: 0.32

IAEA tilfreds med syrisk samarbejde Similarity: 0.51


قصد سوریه برای تامین سوخت ایران از راکتور بمباران شده Similarity: 0.34


Les inspecteurs de l’AIEA ont visité le site d’al-Kibar en Syrie Similarity: 0.78


EUA ressaltam via diplomática para solucionar conflito com Irã Similarity: 0.34

Sanções ao Irão prosseguem, diz Solana Similarity: 0.31

AIEA diz que investigações na Síria começaram bem Similarity: 0.75

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