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A Japanese military ship to berth next week at a Chinese port for the first time since 1945. Non-stop scheduled passenger flights to resume the following week between China and arch-rival Taiwan after a break of almost 60 years. Suddenly some of east Asia’s most intractable disputes are looking a lot more manageable.

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

Chiang Pin-kung (left) of Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation greets his Chinese counterpart, Chen Yunlin, in Beijing on Thursday at the start of talks that led to agreements for regular non-stop charter flights, more bilateral tourism and further dialogue Similarity: 0.87

ASEAN military officers praise Chinese armed forces' quake relief efforts Similarity: 0.45

Resettlement, reconstruction in China Similarity: 0.31

6 days before.

China, Taiwan sign historic deals on travel (AFP) Similarity: 0.86

German foreign minister visits China as dust settles over Tibet row Similarity: 0.47

China offers 30 bln yuan for quake zone farmers to rebuild homes Similarity: 0.33

5 days before.

China mine blast leaves 27 dead (AP) Similarity: 0.83

New round rainstorm slashes S China Similarity: 0.42

China's first disaster cover launched Similarity: 0.41

4 days before.

Scores killed in China floods Similarity: 0.82

Concern over detentions in China quake zone Similarity: 0.46

Sex Trade Thrives In Afghanistan Similarity: 0.45

Nine dead in Japan quake Similarity: 0.39

China’s quake-battered Sichuan reopens 13 cities to tourists Similarity: 0.32

3 days before.

Flood warning after Chinese rains Similarity: 0.75

China-Japan gas deal 'agreed' Similarity: 0.56

China's Cabinet: Rebuilding homes is top priority for quake relief cash Similarity: 0.48

2 days before.

169 killed as China hit by floods Similarity: 0.90

1 day before.

China to learn from US mistakes Similarity: 0.92

Chinese vice president kicks off visit to DPRK Similarity: 0.42

Chinese company develops ‘UFO’ Similarity: 0.39

1 day after.

Fuel move boosts Chinese shares Similarity: 0.68

China's censorship of Web unacceptable: EU (Reuters) Similarity: 0.60

Whale protesters held over 'theft' Similarity: 0.37

Torch relay Similarity: 0.54

China refills major lake affected by Olympic water use Similarity: 0.41

Quake Victims Need Mental Health Care Similarity: 0.46

Around 700 Tibetan separatists detained in Nepal Similarity: 0.36

2 days after.

China cracks down on cars for Olympics Similarity: 0.82

Trade Panel Backs Penalties On China Over Pipe Subsidies Similarity: 0.46

3 days after.

Olympic Torch Passes Calmly In Lhasa Similarity: 0.70

Chinese vice president proposes to promote all-round cooperation with Gulf states Similarity: 0.53

4 days after.

Beijing countdown leads to crackdown Similarity: 0.85

China punishes 43 quake relief officials Similarity: 0.39

5 days after.

Japan sends navy ship to China for the first time since WW2 Similarity: 0.90

China wants to limit Everest climbers Similarity: 0.36

China pledges new action to stabilize markets: official Similarity: 0.41

Foreign banks expect China bonanza Similarity: 0.43

China quake toll likely to exceed 80,000: govt Similarity: 0.48

6 days after.

China's latest line of Olympic defence? A battery of missiles Similarity: 0.70

Health policy vote adds to Fukuda woes Similarity: 0.52

Chinese reject Mdlandla's comments Similarity: 0.44

Chinese VP in Yemen to boost commercial ties Similarity: 0.31

7 days after.

China rebuked by Olympic Committee Similarity: 0.80

China quake-relief headquarters calls for priority in rebuilding public facilities Similarity: 0.46

Landslides kill one in east China as tropical storm Fengshen lands Similarity: 0.34

Popular General Shao Hua dies at 69 Similarity: 0.40

China's mobile phone users reach 592 mln by end of May Similarity: 0.49


توقعات بنمو الاقتصاد الصيني بنسبة 0.4% Similarity: 0.34


Amnesty: Over 1000 stadig anholdt i Tibet Similarity: 0.50


Tibet: Tausend Mönche nach Festnahmen vermisst Similarity: 0.51


Decomisan en Barcelona ropa falsificada por valor de 10 millones de euros Similarity: 0.35


گم شدن قطعات موشك‌هاي هسته‌اي آمریکا Similarity: 0.30


Accord gazier et rencontres bilatérales accélèrent le rapprochement sino-japonais Similarity: 0.45

En Afrique du Sud, les Chinois sont des Noirs Similarity: 0.42

Chute des cours du brut, notamment grâce à la Chine et l'Arabie saoudite Similarity: 0.40

Tibet : 1.000 personnes arrêtées n'ont pas réapparu Similarity: 0.40

Programme triennal : La bataille FMI-RDC se joue sur les prêts chinois Similarity: 0.35


Cina: si allaga miniera, morti sei minatori Similarity: 0.59

La fiaccola olimpica in Tibet il 21 giugno Similarity: 0.36


Meer nieuws Similarity: 0.63

Fellaini speelt in Peking én in Champions League Similarity: 0.44

[17:57] Kadijk/Mooren vrijwel zeker van Spelen Similarity: 0.37

Wall Street op lichte winst Similarity: 0.34

'Amerika is onderdelen kernraketten kwijt' Similarity: 0.32


Mange fortsatt fengslet i Tibet Similarity: 0.33


Petróleo cai com aumento dos preços na China Similarity: 0.52

Amnistia procura tibetanos "desaparecidos" Similarity: 0.47

Temendo enchentes, China tira 70 mil pessoas de áreas d tremor Similarity: 0.50

Empresas exportadoras derrubam mercados asiáticos Similarity: 0.46

Natação: Phelps disputa nove provas Similarity: 0.33

Petrobras prejudica Ibovespa, que recua 0,75% (19/06/08-17h37) Similarity: 0.42

Dow Jones sobe 0,28% após alta de empresas tecnológicas (19/06/08-18h08) Similarity: 0.30

Amnistia denuncia o desaparecimento de pessoas Similarity: 0.44


AI: Po protestih v Tibetu pogrešanih 1000 prijetih Similarity: 0.33

Usoda večine kitajskih pand ostaja neznana Similarity: 0.33


Tibetaner hålls fängslade utan åtal Similarity: 0.54


Çin işi UFO Similarity: 0.36

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