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China mine blast leaves 27 dead (AP)  de  es  fr  it  nl  bg  da  pt  ru  sl  sv

AP - Twenty-seven miners were found dead Saturday following an explosion at a Chinese coal mine, and rescuers were working to free seven more who remain trapped, state media reported.

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

China starts draining 'quake lake' Similarity: 0.46

China raising reserve-requirement ratio for commercial banks Similarity: 0.45

Helping hand Similarity: 0.42

6 days before.

TV executives worried about Olympic media rules Similarity: 0.81

Falling boulders derail China train, 1 killed Similarity: 0.46

China quake lake levels remain dangerous Similarity: 0.35

Hong Kong bans live poultry from China Similarity: 0.31

5 days before.

Quake goodwill raises hopes of more open China Similarity: 0.87

Nepali police arrest some 100 Tibetan separatists Similarity: 0.31

4 days before.

Soldiers ease China ‘quake lake’ danger Similarity: 0.85

Taiwan, China upset as boat collides with Japanese (AFP) Similarity: 0.42

China finds missing helicopter, bodies of people on board near quake epicenter town Similarity: 0.40

China says stop Tibet protests to advance talks Similarity: 0.37

Shanghai leads Asian share fall Similarity: 0.37

3 days before.

China to meet Taiwan negotiators Similarity: 0.89

Lawmaker says Chinese hacked Capitol computers (AP) Similarity: 0.38

Flooding averted as engineers drain Chinese quake lake Similarity: 0.35

2 days before.

Chiang Pin-kung (left) of Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation greets his Chinese counterpart, Chen Yunlin, in Beijing on Thursday at the start of talks that led to agreements for regular non-stop charter flights, more bilateral tourism and further dialogue Similarity: 0.90

ASEAN military officers praise Chinese armed forces' quake relief efforts Similarity: 0.39

Resettlement, reconstruction in China Similarity: 0.31

1 day before.

China, Taiwan sign historic deals on travel (AFP) Similarity: 0.93

German foreign minister visits China as dust settles over Tibet row Similarity: 0.47

1 day after.

Scores killed in China floods Similarity: 0.84

China’s quake-battered Sichuan reopens 13 cities to tourists Similarity: 0.31

Concern over detentions in China quake zone Similarity: 0.43

Sex Trade Thrives In Afghanistan Similarity: 0.41

2 days after.

Flood warning after Chinese rains Similarity: 0.73

China-Japan gas deal 'agreed' Similarity: 0.31

China's Cabinet: Rebuilding homes is top priority for quake relief cash Similarity: 0.46

3 days after.

169 killed as China hit by floods Similarity: 0.84

4 days after.

China to learn from US mistakes Similarity: 0.84

Chinese vice president kicks off visit to DPRK Similarity: 0.38

Chinese company develops ‘UFO’ Similarity: 0.37

5 days after.

Disputes unresolved despite softer China line Similarity: 0.83

Court: South African Chinese are blacks Similarity: 0.31

China moves 70,000 from quake areas, fearing flood (Reuters) Similarity: 0.37

In China's flood zone, life moves at different tempo Similarity: 0.39

China watchdog denies monopoly probe of Microsoft Similarity: 0.41

6 days after.

Fuel move boosts Chinese shares Similarity: 0.57

China's censorship of Web unacceptable: EU (Reuters) Similarity: 0.62

Torch relay Similarity: 0.51

China refills major lake affected by Olympic water use Similarity: 0.41

Quake Victims Need Mental Health Care Similarity: 0.41

Around 700 Tibetan separatists detained in Nepal Similarity: 0.31

7 days after.

China cracks down on cars for Olympics Similarity: 0.78

Trade Panel Backs Penalties On China Over Pipe Subsidies Similarity: 0.40


Десислав Гунев е 15-ят ни атлет в Пекин Similarity: 0.37


27 omkommet i mine i Kina Similarity: 0.62


China und Deutschland: Im Reich der Mitte taut das Eis Similarity: 0.53

Zahlreiche Tote durch Unwetter in China Similarity: 0.39


China y Taiwán: vuelos directos Similarity: 0.45

27 muertos en la explosión en una mina de carbón en China Similarity: 0.44

El último balance de muertos por el seísmo de Sichuán se eleva hasta los 69.170 Similarity: 0.43


La diplomatie du tourisme entre Taïwan et la Chine Similarity: 0.62

Un "record mondial" battu pour un sceau Similarity: 0.36


Cina: esplosione in miniera, 27 morti Similarity: 0.41


Economie dwingt China en Taiwan tot dialoog Similarity: 0.63

Vos ook de snelste in tijdrit Similarity: 0.32

Zegel van Chinese keizer Kangxi geveild voor 4,7 miljoen euro Similarity: 0.30


Explosão em mina de carvão chinesa mata 27 Similarity: 0.63

Deslizamento de terra mata 16 em fábrica de tijolos na China Similarity: 0.58

Selo do imperador chinês Kangxi vendido por 4,7 M€ Similarity: 0.31

COB confirma Bellucci e triatletas em Pequim Similarity: 0.44


В Китае в результате аварии на шахте погибли 27 человек Similarity: 0.31


AI Slovenije opozoril na kršenje človekovih pravic na Kitajskem Similarity: 0.31


19 döda i kinesiskt jordskred Similarity: 0.53

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