Thursday, June 12, 2008

Safe For Now? Quake Lake Drains  de  es  fr  nl  pt

Water pours from quake-formed lake as expert warns of breach; residents on alert

ABCnews 2:49:00 PM CEST

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

Refugees evacuated as quake lake rises Similarity: 0.69

Schwarzenegger declares drought in California (AP) Similarity: 0.35

6 days before.

China to ease pressure on ‘quake lake’ Similarity: 0.40

5 days before.

China starts draining 'quake lake' Similarity: 0.66

4 days before.

China quake lake levels remain dangerous Similarity: 0.71

3 days before.

'Quake Lake' Hit By Landslides Similarity: 0.67

2 days before.

Quake lake water surges towards cities Similarity: 0.74

1 day before.

Flooding averted as engineers drain Chinese quake lake Similarity: 0.72

More rain threatens soggy Midwest Similarity: 0.30

6 days after.

Thirst-quenchers go for thrift, reach for tap water Similarity: 0.34

7 days after.

Management error blamed for shortage of clean water Similarity: 0.35


Asien: China und Taiwan reden erstmals seit Jahren Similarity: 0.48


China y Taiwan retoman el diálogo tras más de una década Similarity: 0.37


Chine/Taïwan: début des premières discussions directes depuis 1995 Similarity: 0.46

Un mois après le séisme, la Chine face au défi de la reconstruction Similarity: 0.30


Toenadering tussen Peking en Taipei Similarity: 0.40


China e Taiwan iniciam primeiras conversações desde 1995 Similarity: 0.30

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