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China says that water levels in a swollen quake lake is still rising and senior officials warned the situation remained dangerous. Soldiers had already dug one drainage channel to contain Tangjiashan Lake, and were working to clear a second one in hopes of reducing the risk that it might burst through its banks.

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

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China forced to wait for lake draining Similarity: 0.74

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Chinese man sticks 2008 needles in his head to mark Beijing Olympic Games Similarity: 0.36

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Olympics dominates scene at Beijing's Tiananmen Square on crackdown anniversary Similarity: 0.47

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Refugees evacuated as quake lake rises Similarity: 0.80

More Evacuations Likely in Quake Aftermath Similarity: 0.40

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China to ease pressure on ‘quake lake’ Similarity: 0.60

1 day before.

China starts draining 'quake lake' Similarity: 0.88

1 day after.

Quake goodwill raises hopes of more open China Similarity: 0.38

'Quake Lake' Hit By Landslides Similarity: 0.92

2 days after.

Quake lake water surges towards cities Similarity: 0.86

Soldiers ease China ‘quake lake’ danger Similarity: 0.42

3 days after.

China to meet Taiwan negotiators Similarity: 0.37

Flooding averted as engineers drain Chinese quake lake Similarity: 0.85

4 days after.

Chiang Pin-kung (left) of Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation greets his Chinese counterpart, Chen Yunlin, in Beijing on Thursday at the start of talks that led to agreements for regular non-stop charter flights, more bilateral tourism and further dialogue Similarity: 0.34

Resettlement, reconstruction in China Similarity: 0.33

Safe For Now? Quake Lake Drains Similarity: 0.71

5 days after.

China, Taiwan sign historic deals on travel (AFP) Similarity: 0.34

6 days after.

China mine blast leaves 27 dead (AP) Similarity: 0.35

7 days after.

Scores killed in China floods Similarity: 0.37


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Sichuan : forte réplique près du lac artificiel Similarity: 0.52

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[19:13] Waterpeil in ‘aardbevingsmeer’ blijft stijgen Similarity: 0.68

Nieuwe aardbeving treft China Similarity: 0.53

Naschok bij Chinees stuwmeer Similarity: 0.51


Réplica "violenta" ameaça drenagem controlada de lago formado por terremoto (08/06/08-16h01) Similarity: 0.55

Pelo menos 185 manifestantes pró-Tibete são presos no Nepal Similarity: 0.34

Forte réplica fez tremer lago formado pelo sismo Similarity: 0.57


Popotresni sunek povzročil plazove Similarity: 0.31

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