Sunday, June 8, 2008

TV executives worried about Olympic media rules  de  fr  it  nl  bg  da  pt  sl  sv

Some television executives say security regulations may restrict their coverage of the Olympic Games that open Aug. 8 in Beijing.

CBC 10:29:00 PM CEST

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

China prepares for possible floods in quake zone Similarity: 0.74

China kicks off drive to kick plastic bag habit (Reuters) Similarity: 0.32

6 days before.

China Unicom buying China Netcom for nearly $24B (AP) Similarity: 0.84

Medicine probe after 6 deaths in China Similarity: 0.43

5 days before.

Chinese man sticks 2008 needles in his head to mark Beijing Olympic Games Similarity: 0.86

China calls on EU to recognize full market economy status Similarity: 0.36

Asia faces tough test as inflation soars Similarity: 0.34

Thirteen Missing In China Coal Mine Flood Similarity: 0.31

4 days before.

Olympics dominates scene at Beijing's Tiananmen Square on crackdown anniversary Similarity: 0.79

3 days before.

More Evacuations Likely in Quake Aftermath Similarity: 0.87

China says arrests 16 for bombings in Tibet Similarity: 0.37

2 days before.

China to ease pressure on ‘quake lake’ Similarity: 0.84

Chinese state councilor urges higher level of China-Hungary Similarity: 0.42

Chinese Parents Organize, Seeking Justice Similarity: 0.30

1 day before.

China raising reserve-requirement ratio for commercial banks Similarity: 0.66

China starts draining 'quake lake' Similarity: 0.48

Helping hand Similarity: 0.40

1 day after.

Quake goodwill raises hopes of more open China Similarity: 0.88

'Quake Lake' Hit By Landslides Similarity: 0.31

Nepali police arrest some 100 Tibetan separatists Similarity: 0.39

2 days after.

Soldiers ease China ‘quake lake’ danger Similarity: 0.89

Taiwan, China upset as boat collides with Japanese (AFP) Similarity: 0.40

China says stop Tibet protests to advance talks Similarity: 0.39

Shanghai leads Asian share fall Similarity: 0.42

China finds missing helicopter, bodies of people on board near quake epicenter town Similarity: 0.41

3 days after.

China to meet Taiwan negotiators Similarity: 0.89

Flooding averted as engineers drain Chinese quake lake Similarity: 0.36

Lawmaker says Chinese hacked Capitol computers (AP) Similarity: 0.39

4 days after.

Chiang Pin-kung (left) of Taiwan's Straits Exchange Foundation greets his Chinese counterpart, Chen Yunlin, in Beijing on Thursday at the start of talks that led to agreements for regular non-stop charter flights, more bilateral tourism and further dialogue Similarity: 0.86

ASEAN military officers praise Chinese armed forces' quake relief efforts Similarity: 0.39

Resettlement, reconstruction in China Similarity: 0.32

Chinese lenders feel no pinch from repeated reserve ratio hiks Similarity: 0.40

5 days after.

China, Taiwan sign historic deals on travel (AFP) Similarity: 0.83

China offers 30 bln yuan for quake zone farmers to rebuild homes Similarity: 0.41

German foreign minister visits China as dust settles over Tibet row Similarity: 0.46

6 days after.

China mine blast leaves 27 dead (AP) Similarity: 0.81

China's first disaster cover launched Similarity: 0.42

New round rainstorm slashes S China Similarity: 0.42

7 days after.

Scores killed in China floods Similarity: 0.79

China’s quake-battered Sichuan reopens 13 cities to tourists Similarity: 0.31

Concern over detentions in China quake zone Similarity: 0.44

Sex Trade Thrives In Afghanistan Similarity: 0.40


Китай и Тайван опитват да стоплят отношенията си Similarity: 0.35


Advarer mod fupordrer fra Kina Similarity: 0.46


Deutsche Meisterschaft Hambüchen empfiehlt sich für Olympia Similarity: 0.35

Sprengungen an aufgestautem See in China Similarity: 0.34

G-8-Energieminister beginnen Beratungen Similarity: 0.31


Sichuan : forte réplique près du lac artificiel Similarity: 0.41

Tennis: Richard Gasquet renonce aux JO de Pékin Similarity: 0.36


Cina: sale pericolosamente livello lago nel Sichuan Similarity: 0.45

Pallavolo, l'Italia si qualifica ai Giochi di Pechino Similarity: 0.34


[19:13] Waterpeil in ‘aardbevingsmeer’ blijft stijgen Similarity: 0.47

Nieuwe aardbeving treft China Similarity: 0.43

Naschok bij Chinees stuwmeer Similarity: 0.33

Ding Junhui wint snookertoernooi voor eigen publiek Similarity: 0.32


Réplica "violenta" ameaça drenagem controlada de lago formado por terremoto (08/06/08-16h01) Similarity: 0.46

Filmagem revela segredos sexuais dos pandas gigantes Similarity: 0.39

Forte réplica fez tremer lago formado pelo sismo Similarity: 0.50


Popotresni sunek povzročil plazove Similarity: 0.33


Vattnet stiger i farlig skalvsjö Similarity: 0.35

Satte rekord direkt i nya grenen - två gånger om Similarity: 0.35

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