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China plans 'quake lake' evacuation  de  es  fr  it  nl  ar  da  pt  ru  sv

More than a million people prepare to flee threat of flooding from quake-formed lake.

aljazeera-en 7:40:00 AM CEST

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Start date: Friday, July 6, 2007

7 days before.

UN head visits China quake zone Similarity: 0.73

Facts and figures about China quake and relief Similarity: 0.46

China quake survivors keep vigil over town of death Similarity: 0.42

Eight giant pandas arrive in Beijing from Sichuan Province Similarity: 0.40

Dalai Lama offers Gordon Brown a spot of spiritual relief Similarity: 0.32

5 days before.

Aftershock in China kills at least 2 Similarity: 0.80

Chinese troops tackle quake lake Similarity: 0.54

4 days before.

China 'quake lake' area evacuated Similarity: 0.87

Domestic and foreign donations total 30.876 billion yuan Similarity: 0.30

3 days before.

Historic China-Taiwan talks in Beijing Similarity: 0.90

China: torrential rain kills 53 Similarity: 0.41

2 days before.

Rewired Similarity: 0.83

Corruption feared for China quake funds Similarity: 0.41

China shares ease as investors weigh quake impact Similarity: 0.40

Latest News : SK energy agrees to join Sinopec’s ethylene project Similarity: 0.31

1 day before.

China readies evacuation plan for 1.3 million below 'quake lake' Similarity: 0.92

05/30/2008: Mullen Cites Value of Hotline, Military Contacts With China Similarity: 0.49

'They are not being nice to the Dalai Lama' Similarity: 0.44

Did Chinese hack U.S. official's laptop? Similarity: 0.32

Vietnam, China promote comprehensive bilateral ties Similarity: 0.31

Chinese PM 10th ‘top politician’ on Facebook Similarity: 0.31

1 day after.

China prepares for possible floods in quake zone Similarity: 0.87

Hope that 'quake lake' plan will save Chinese city Similarity: 0.55

2 days after.

China Unicom buying China Netcom for nearly $24B (AP) Similarity: 0.81

Medicine probe after 6 deaths in China Similarity: 0.35

3 days after.

Chinese man sticks 2008 needles in his head to mark Beijing Olympic Games Similarity: 0.68

Grieving Parents Beg For Answers In China Similarity: 0.50

China forced to wait for lake draining Similarity: 0.63

4 days after.

Olympics dominates scene at Beijing's Tiananmen Square on crackdown anniversary Similarity: 0.80

5 days after.

More Evacuations Likely in Quake Aftermath Similarity: 0.72

Refugees evacuated as quake lake rises Similarity: 0.65

China says arrests 16 for bombings in Tibet Similarity: 0.31

6 days after.

China to ease pressure on ‘quake lake’ Similarity: 0.85

Chinese state councilor urges higher level of China-Hungary Similarity: 0.34

Chinese Parents Organize, Seeking Justice Similarity: 0.35

7 days after.

China starts draining 'quake lake' Similarity: 0.80

China raising reserve-requirement ratio for commercial banks Similarity: 0.37


غيتس يقول إن سياسة الإدارة الأميركية المقبلة في آسيا سترتكز على المصالح القوية بالمنطقة Similarity: 0.30


190.000 evakueret fra kinesisk by Similarity: 0.51

190.000 evakueret fra kinesisk by Similarity: 0.51


"Erbeben-See" in China offenbar unter Kontrolle Similarity: 0.49

Peking - Wo das Chaos zu Hause ist Similarity: 0.33


Un lago creado tras el terremoto amenaza un millón de vidas en China Similarity: 0.54


Le séisme en Chine a fait 68.977 morts Similarity: 0.49

Chine: dynamitage imminent d'un barrage naturel Similarity: 0.37

Menacés par une rupture du barrage instable de Tangjiashan Similarity: 0.37

Dépêche : Par Daphné BENOIT - Gates: la prochaine administration américaine restera engagée en Asie Similarity: 0.37


Cina, 200mila persone evacuate dal lago formato dal terremoto Similarity: 0.40

Cina, evacuate 200 mila persone Dinamite contro gli argini del lago Similarity: 0.38

Sgozzata giovane cinese Similarity: 0.33


[15:45] Vier fietscrossers naar Peking Similarity: 0.33

China evacueert bijna 200.000 mensen bij dam Similarity: 0.36

CDJA-plan boycot Spelen gesneuveld Similarity: 0.31


Inundações provocam mais vítimas na China Similarity: 0.39

Tudo pronto na China para drenagem de lago formado pelo terremoto Similarity: 0.30


Массовые эвакуации в Китае Similarity: 0.30


Skalvsjö under kontroll Similarity: 0.33

Närmare 200 000 evakuerade Similarity: 0.32

Kina | Stopp för tunn plastpåse Similarity: 0.33

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