Friday, May 30, 2008

Duclos: Sarkozy expressed to President al-Assad France appreciation for Syria's role in Doha agreement  fr  ar

DAMASCUS, ( SANA ) _ French Ambassador in Damascus Michel Duclos has said that President Nicolas Sarkozy of France, during his telephone call with President Bashar al-Assad, expressed France's appreciation for the role played by Syria in the Doha agreement.

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Start date: Saturday, April 21, 2007

7 days before.

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Syria rejects linking Israel peace with cutting off Iran (AFP) Similarity: 0.46

Beirut steps back from the brink... again Similarity: 0.46

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America's Tennis Hopes Rise at French Open Similarity: 0.52

Thousands attend Nasrallah speech Similarity: 0.50

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President al-Assad meets British MPs, reiterates Syria's strategic option for peace Similarity: 0.59

EDF ordered to halt work on reactor Similarity: 0.44

Peace at a Price in Lebanon Election Similarity: 0.41

Sarkozy suggests cap on fuel tax Similarity: 0.37

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Israelis reluctant to leave the Golan Similarity: 0.55

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Syria-bound missile components intercepted, claims US Similarity: 0.46

Militancy, hedonism coexist in duality of Lebanon (AP) Similarity: 0.44

Questions remain after French serial killer case Similarity: 0.39

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Soldier killed in Lebanon explosion Similarity: 0.36

Syria's Assad set for Gulf talks Similarity: 0.64

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Israel frees Lebanese prisoner Similarity: 0.35

Comment: Paris needs buzz, not skyscrapers Similarity: 0.33

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Hezbollah hands over Israeli remains Similarity: 0.35

IAEA demands 'full disclosure' from Iran, sends team to Syria Similarity: 0.44

President al-Assad completes his talks with Sheikh Khalifa, visits Dubai Similarity: 0.49

4 days after.

UN to visit Syrian 'nuclear' facility Similarity: 0.56

Making waves in the Mediterranean Similarity: 0.53

5 days after.

Syria 'to limit IAEA nuclear visit' Similarity: 0.60

6 days after.

Resilient Beirut welcomes back tourists Similarity: 0.50

French president launches efforts to modernize Paris Similarity: 0.50

Sarkozy popularity picks up from rock bottom - poll Similarity: 0.33

7 days after.

A chance in Lebanon Similarity: 0.41

French president calls for stronger EU defense, immigration policies Similarity: 0.39

Woman in the News: Rachida Dati Similarity: 0.37


ساركوزي يهاتف الرئيس الأسد ويشيد بجهوده الحثيثة في إنجاح اتفاق الدوحة: فرنسا تؤيد استعادة سورية لجميع حقوقها Similarity: 0.45


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Le combat au PS fait la joie de Besancenot Similarity: 0.33

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