Thursday, May 22, 2008

More Iraq US troop cuts expected  de  es  fr  it  nl  ar  da  fa  pt  sv

The top US commander in Iraq expects to be able to recommend further cuts in US forces before September.

bbc 5:20:00 PM CEST

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Start date: Thursday, July 5, 2007

7 days before.

Iraq bombs kill 21 Similarity: 0.82

McCain lays out vision for his first term Similarity: 0.43

British army faces abuse inquiry over Baha Mousa death Similarity: 0.33

6 days before.

Iraq offers Sunni militants in Mosul money for their weapons Similarity: 0.86

5 days before.

US House Speaker in Iraq amid Al-Qaeda crackdown Similarity: 0.77

Cherie Blair: it is 'not clear' whether Iraq war was legal Similarity: 0.32

4 days before.

U.S. House speaker meets Iraqi officials Similarity: 0.77

3 days before.

Test looms in Sadr City ceasefire Similarity: 0.76

500 youths detained in Iraq, U.S. says Similarity: 0.41

2 days before.

Iraqi troops pour into Sadr City Similarity: 0.71

Saddam's deputy PM back on trial Similarity: 0.39

Pentagon: New Troop Deployments Similarity: 0.36

1 day before.

Iraq soldiers deploy in Sadr City Similarity: 0.68

US defends detention of children in Iraq Similarity: 0.46

U.S. soldier who fled to Canada ordered deported Similarity: 0.39

4 days after.

Fifa suspends Asia champions Iraq Similarity: 0.80

Bush Calls for Moment of Silence Similarity: 0.33

5 days after.

Picture This: Stomachs of Steel Similarity: 0.80

Obama focuses on McCain as final primaries loom Similarity: 0.30

Post-traumatic stress soars in U.S. troops (Reuters) Similarity: 0.35

6 days after.

Swedish UN envoy sees 'light at end of tunnel' in Iraq Similarity: 0.78

Ex-aide criticises Bush over Iraq Similarity: 0.44

Reports of stress disorder leap in military Similarity: 0.38

7 days after.

Delegates discuss debt and diplomacy Similarity: 0.77

Bush 'shaded the truth' on Iraq Similarity: 0.38

One year on for hostage Brits Similarity: 0.32


المالكي يصل النجف للقاء السيستاني وسط تدابير مشددة Similarity: 0.31

مقتل صحفي عراقي برصاص قناص أمريكي في بغداد Similarity: 0.30

مقتل 25 بهجمات وتأكيدات أميركية بانخفاض العنف بالموصل Similarity: 0.36

مجلس الشيوخ الأمريكي يقر 165 مليار دولار للحرب في العراق وافغانستان Similarity: 0.31


Afghanske protester imod koran-skud Similarity: 0.34

USA-chef: Flere Irak-soldater hjem Similarity: 0.45


Irak: US-General Petraeus peilt weiteren Truppenabzug an Similarity: 0.46


El senado de EE.UU. aprueba un fondo de emergencia para la guerra de Iraq Similarity: 0.37

Ejército iraquí toma el control completo de Ciudad Sadr Similarity: 0.36


پتریوس از احتمال کاهش نظامیان آمریکا در عراق خبر داد Similarity: 0.32


Petraeus table sur une nouvelle baisse du contingent Similarity: 0.46


Elicottero apre il fuoco: è strage Similarity: 0.40


Iraakse burgers gedood bij helikopteraanval Similarity: 0.32


General Petraeus quer reduzir contingente no Iraque antes de deixar posto Similarity: 0.49

Ataque aéreo dos Estados Unidos mata 8 civis no Iraque Similarity: 0.35


Två journalister dödade i Irak Similarity: 0.43

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